BURN EDEN [UDIE] - WH/NS-US/EU - Small Gang/Whaling - Recruiting PvP pilots

Burn Eden [UDIE] is Recruiting

UDIE is an old, veteran PvP Corporation currently living in a WH (NS/C5 statics) & focusing on small/medium gang PvP content involving roaming, whaling and WH brawling.

Things we’ve focused on in the past include Alliance Tournament competition, supercapital hunting, Black ops, SovNul Warfare and hot drops.

We offer:
No blues
Plentiful, impactful PvP in both structured and unstructured compositions
Experienced core member base
Small, tight knit, social environment with a relaxed corp structure
An opportunity to grow
C5 static to fund Pvp
A jita monument

We are looking to grow our US & EU TZ by recruiting new trial members who meet the following requirements:

A strong grasp of the english language with a good microphone
Skin. The ability to recieve constructive criticism and follow directions
Moderate level of PvP experience and general mechanical knowledge
Financially independent - SRP is offered but you must be able to buy more than an interceptor or dictor

We have no hard SP requirement but we do require
-Two Racial Cruisers V and their associated weapons V

  • Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
    -HAC IV/Assault Frigate IV/Cov ops IV or EAS IV/ Interceptor IV/ Thermodynamics IV

And one of any of the following (or at least very close)

  • Cybernetics V/Logistics V (or Frig)/Recon V/ Interceptor V/HAC V/Thermodynamics V/EAS V/Command Ships IV/Black Ops IV/Cov Ops V
    /Any precursor ship larger than a frigate to V/All V subsystems on any t3 cruiser/

For questions or just to stop by and chat:
Join our in-game channel: UDIE Public
Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/hHP6fXZPWw
zKill: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/761955047/

bR Fortuna- bR#6372
Gumby Taron- Gumby#6534

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Can confirm that I have fun fragging with these nerds. BPP kisses girls though. :barf:

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It’s a pleasure to fly with these guys, and they have good banter to boot.

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UDIE are good people and smart gamers.

Flying with them is guaranteed to increase your virility.

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Thanks friends :slight_smile:

UDIE is recruiting

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

2 spots still open

2 spots still open :slight_smile:

  • What about AUTZ?

late US often goes into AUTZ

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Legendary Corporation here. You will be lucky if they let you in. I dont like them (since I’m from California :palm_tree:), but the Burn Eden (UDIE) name is about as good as it gets in EVE hardnose PVP. They were in Triumvirate, AAA, NCdot but more importantly Burn Eden was a part of building the reps of those alliances.

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Thank you Matterall :slight_smile:

1-2 spots still open.

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