■ ■ Looking for Corps and Pilots for 0.0 small gang PVP ■ ■


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:small_orange_diamond: Buccaneers of New Eden [.BONE] is a veteran 0.0 PvP corporation enlisting pilots with a predisposition to shoot everything that moves (or doesn’t). We have a long history of NPC null, sov null and lowsec that encourage all forms of destruction.

:small_orange_diamond: Living in 0.0 Syndicate we are continually looking to expand our fleets across EU, US, and AU TZ.


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Corp Features:
:small_orange_diamond: NPC 0.0 (NBSI)
:small_orange_diamond: Experienced FC’s and Directors.
:small_orange_diamond: Active killboards
:small_orange_diamond: No Sov, No Grind, No Rules, No Bull
:small_orange_diamond: Daily roams, plenty of targets.


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Corp Expectations:
:small_orange_diamond: Willingness to PVP - roams, camps, defense
:small_orange_diamond: Ability to fly proficient subcap, Black Ops, or Capitals
:small_orange_diamond: Active in Discord and late EU TZ to early AU TZ operations
:small_orange_diamond: Must be able to handle your whiskey, mature, and English speaking


:small_orange_diamond: Interested in 0.0 without the concerns of sovereignty? .BONE has what you are looking for. Please join our public channel BONE Yarrrd and speak to one of our recruiters, or contact me Siex#1975 on Discord.



Au player 30mil sp looking for a home
Returning player (15 million SP) looking for Corp
Returning player looking for corp
EU 36 mil sp Pilot Looking for a Corporation
47m SP, just resubbed after a long break
184m SP EU Player
6 Years Returning Player Looking For Corp
120m SP Returning to game Looking for EU tz Small Gang PvP
Kinda New Player looking to join noob friendly Corp
17 mil SP New Player Looking for USTZ Corp
70 mil sp returning vet looking for a home
180mil + Looking For Corp
115mil mostly Indy toon looking for home. Back from 3 year break
Liquor Legion Alliance accepting pvp corps in NPC 0.0
86.5m SP character looking for a new home
Looking for pvp corp. 60+ mill sp
60m SP toon returning after long break
US Time Zone Player (GMT -5) and US PCT Time Zone Looking for a Good Corp preferred Null Sec
New Player looking to join active pvp corp in sov holding alliance
NZ/AU 91 mill SP returning player looking for 0.0 home
Returning newbie searches for corporation
Happy plz delete
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
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To the top!! Awesome alliance. Tons of fun to be had

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