Burn the Boats

Burn the Boats is an up and coming Alliance seeking Corps operating within the Sinq Laison or Metropolis regions. PVP/PVE/Industry

“If you want to take the island, then burn your boats. With absolute commitment come the insights that create real victory.”

The concept of ‘burning the boats’ is associated with ancient military commanders who would instruct their men to burn the ships before a conquest, so as to create a point of no return. The soldiers would be left with no other option but to conquer the island or be killed.

★ Sinq Laison or Metropolis region
★ PVP/PVE/Industry
★ Highsec Mainly
★ All TZ
★ If its Red its Dead
★ Discord (Burn The Boats)
★ In-game Channel (Burn The Boats Public)

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For anyone who was following this thread earlier. You can clearly see we have some opposition/competition. They may resort to common trolling and harassment but we don’t plan to lower ourselves to that level. I would like to thank ISD Traindriver for his hard work earlier today. If playing video games has taught me anything it’s this. If I’m seeing enemies I’m going the correct direction.

For those who know me well this isn’t news but for those who don’t know me, the alliance and my corp operate on a “If it’s Red it’s Dead” basis. Meaning those who practice pvp within the corp/alliance actively hunt and eliminate gankers. (Ganking- the act of engaging a player aggressively within highsec in a fashion that would cause a response from Concord) and we believe, mostly, that it should be removed from the game.

My personal feelings on ganking are this. I do not support the ganking of innocent civilians. ie - miners, transports, and over all noobs. When it comes to wanna be gankers, low life rats, and overly verbally combative narcissistic people who cause massive problems yet hide behind a none wardecable corp. I support it.

The overall goal for the alliance is, for now, expand our reach over the metropolis and Sinq regions of space. Build an empire for players to operate freely and safely. Building a strong industrial front with allies and supporting a backbone of pvp expertise to keep the people safe. As we grow and expand we will decide our future together.

There is a distinct line between people shooting internet ships having fun and people being called narcisstic and or low life rats.

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Sure of that we can agree. people shooting at least semi willing targets who are actually trying to participate in pvp in one fashion or another, that can absolutely be fun. People who go after not even remotely willing targets not attempting to participate in pvp in any way shape or form is predatory and they do fall into the other classification.

The anti-gank perspective is simply a small background area for my corporation, its not something that’s a main focus or required by the alliance. Would be a little weird since all currently known ganker corps/alliances/individuals are set red and the list is updated regularly as new ones are found but thats only for corp and not alliance.

Your side consists of good people, helping each other and building up.

We may! not be on the same page, but that’s what Eve Online needs. Different views.

Wishing your alliance rapid growth.

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-regular mining fleets with boosts and compression.
-Active lvl 4 mission fleets.
-Criminal hunting fleets.
-Working towards lowsec roam fleets.
-We buy Ore and minerals at 85% jita buy
-in house made and sold under market price ships.

Current number of corps in the alliance is 5. I’m looking to make that 10.

Industry: We have a strong Industrial background in mining and manufacturing. HS,LS,NS, Moon & WH ore. Boosts and compression. Alliance buyback options. Extensive bpo library to offer lower than market prices on ships.

PVE: We also have a strong front on PVE with access to lvl 4s, homefronts, actively involved in the incursion community, a member made guide for abyssals, and combat sites in a WH.

PVP: Our holding corp DBTS Holding is in league with a coalition in the area for wars and just general pvp for those interested. This keeps war separate from the main alliance so its no risk. Throw an alt into the corp be it an alpha new character or just a combat toon you have if you’re interested.

We are a mostly casual alliance and as such we dont have many rules. Only rules we currently have are:

  1. Don’t be a dick
  2. Don’t gank
  3. Don’t shoot blues or each other unless agreed upon.
  4. Structures go in holding corps outside of alliance

As much as I’d like to add “participate in alliance activity” it’s not enforced. But it would be appreciated. After all team work makes the dream work :slight_smile:

Alliance is currently sitting at 8 Corporations. Id like to see that increase a little more. Id also like to see growth for the Corporations in the Alliance so if thats more your speed feel free to apply.

Just let me know how I can help.

We could always use more corps in the alliance. I’m sure Rogue could make a great addition :slight_smile: Most of the corps in Nebula would make a great addition honestly. We work decently well together.