Burning nerd RAGE!

Ello Dark Evil that lurks in the darkest corners of the eve universe
I come to share my rage a rage that makes me dream of giant space lazers and missiles in flight and perhaps 1 or 2 well trained sharks with freeking lazers on there heads.

Now some might wonder why I dream of death and destruction apart from every day aggravations

well dear dark ones I was following the GME short with “big US hedge fund VS gamer`s with nerd rage” on the ope-set side

the story gows that a hedge fund shorted game stop stock with 140 % even tho only 20 % of the total stock is in trade small investors that care about games figured this out and banned together to short squeeze the stock resulting in the stock soaring and the hedge found looking at losses in the billions.

Now any real eve player don’t care about the rise and fall of empires other than the one they belong to and gamer nerd rage is a way of life in the darkness of space.

No what set my heart aflame was the face that:

  1. Gamestop.com all of a sudden is blocked. main and sub pagers to boot
    2.the angry gamer nerds redit was taken down
    3.the gamer discord server was closed
    4.the stock trader platform called Robinhood that has a relationship with the hedge fund closed trading on GME and some others officially cutting off our fellow nerds from trading the stock they want
    5.on the sideline US Business people and politicians on multiple media platforms demonize the nerds for catching the hedge found on the wrong foot and talking about rolling back all trades to save the poor little hedge fund from the evil angry nerds.

My fellow games I have 0 gold, loot, or money stuck in this fucktardery nor am I pro stock trader. do I trade stocks?.. yes what little surplus I got In real life I invest from time to time.

What gets my piss boiling is the face that the hedge fund is manipulating every thing in the best spirit of Eve online but in the real world this meant stumping on game culture, on smart and nerdy gamer peeps and on what little freedom of speech modern day social platforms provide for us all.
And a bunch of fat old men are cheering them on.

I say they burn for this injustices and dream of a flaming hole where that hedge fund are currently residing (“metaphorically”, on real firebombs you crazy fucks)

I KNOW this is a lot to ask course the price for a single stock jump in the range from a cheap to an expensive gamer graphics card during a day of trading and the stock is way overpriced for the company behind it so in the end its a very expensive ■■■■ you.

But rage = rage

I Dr3amk1ll3r here by wove to get a single piece of gamestop stock when the market opens and to never sell it as long as I live.

Join me in my gamer rage and indignation!
hopefully we will loot salty hedge fund tears and a place in the records of gamer greatness.

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You are so cute. You just now realized that the entire stock market is a rigged scheme and that the investment bankers always win?



this is fine as long as they don’t break the trading rules. if they are smarter and have more money to bully me around the market so be it.

but they lost and lost big and now they are using any political capital to ■■■■ over the entire trading system all so they can save there moony and face after getting beaten by a bunch of hobby traders and trolling kids.

if the big players can just start rolling back trades after they ■■■■ up there is no place for any one to place any kind of savings any more.

it costs money to have money in the bank course of negative rent and the same negative rent makes bonds a worthless investment.

so i guess unless you want to be a pirat get a ■■■■ tone of gold and gems and drop them in a hole behind the shed you are as ■■■■■■ as the rest of us if they get away with this stock market manipulation.

just course you have a few friends in high placers and a few friends running trading platforms its not okay to hold back trades from all.

either the hedge funds burn for there stupidity like any one ells would or it is as you say a rigged game with no wait for any normal person to have any kind of meaningful gain

as I said here is my 1 GME stock with a nice loss.
I believe that it will end up binge worth 10 or 20 bucks in a years time.
but my hope is that the hedge fund that found it okay to start a political war will be a burning crater when all is sayd and done.

The idea that the stock market is a fair game is very, very foolish. It is more like blackjack at a casino, where the banks are the house. If you keep losing then they don’t care what you do - but if you figure out how to win, they will shut you down in a heartbeat. But, I don’t want to sound like a tinfoil hat conspiracy guy. Keep investing. After you see this happen three or four times, you will realize that putting your life savings in the stock market isn’t really “investing.”

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You win I guess I was way to late

what they did was tell all there brokers that they where more or less insolvent and then have all the brokers made trading 1 way meaning people that used those brokers was only allowed to sell letting Melvin Capital trade the stock down and pull out with a smaller loss than if the market hade ben fair.

all in all I’m starting to wonder if investing in plex for the collapse of the stock market and then the world economy is not the right way to go

rip trading on any new trading platform

My 401k company invested in the stock market.
I invested in the stock market.
We lost nearly everything in 2008-2009.

I took a $10,000 loan from my bank and invested in bitcoin. It was around 7 cents each at that point.
I cashed out all my bitcoin last year.

I’m now buying undeveloped land in a southwestern state, where I will build a new home that uses entirely solar power, well water, and an insulated septic system.
I’m 36 years old.

The system let me down, so I investigated other ways to secure a parachute.
The system can fall all it wants now. I have my parachute.

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