Eve - New generation of games ( that we are expecting )

I see that there are so many black markets for so many games which means that there is a very strong demand for new type of game. New type of game should allow players to earn real money from the game. Game owners could take controll over the transfer and take commision from each trade. That way black market trading would be completly prevented and players/gamers could make a real profit or living just by playing a game.

For example:

  • Charaters on black market are sold for 150-750USD ( game owner can take 12% commision to keep it fair )
  • ISK for sale on black market 50% undervalued (game owner can take 8% commision to keep it fair)
  • Ships and other stuff too…

If we take a look at freelancing job on the market only 10years back we’ll see that a lot of companies didn’t exist.
Today we have freelancer dedicated companies almost for each occupation.
It is only matter of time when we will be able to play what we like and at the same time make a living out of it.

You’re talking about a “new type of game”. What does this have to do with EVE?

Eve Online already has all what it takes to take a next step to create and controll it’s own “not in game market”.
Further, Eve online is one of the top games that allows trading characters among players.

According to present character setup 20eur fee is not something that seller should pay becasue that would encourage seller to ask buyer to refund those 20eur fee which would further encourage black market transaction/s.

If this was traded trough Eve Online as (third party) trade company than game owners would recieve entire sum of money on their let’s say paypal account, then they would make character transfer (read RISK FREE) and after that they would take their commision. Rest of the money would be funded as in game currency (ISK).

There also should be some kind of official ISK/USD or ISK/EUR exchange.

I believe that this kind of game woud become very addictive.

I’m sorry I asked.


I am glad that you’ve asked, that way I was able to answer.
Game industry is evolving same as everything else and we have to figure it out what should be the next step.
I see black market as indicator where top gaming industry is losing money becasue they don’t regulate it.
Beside that I bet that a lot of people ( read gamers ) would rather stay at home and play games instead of going to work.
Therefore the main question is how long do we need to wait to see that as real world possibility.

BoB save us all

The online gaming industry isn’t evolving. Nothing new of worthy note for over a decade.
VR is dead and nothing will happen in the near future worth having or doing until something really changes. Even then it won’t be a home experience.

Get out there and find a job.

I see what you did there. If your going to edit a post in a substantial way,atleast include the details of your editing. Note: all references to block chain are now absent from OP’s 2nd post. My bad for not SS it.

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Baba Ji,
I realy don’t see how your answer is contributing this idea/proposal.
Have you read this forum guidance where is explained how to contribute to this brain storming without using negative thoughts? (Which is only reason why I have decided to write/contribute here…)

-You can ask questions like how we can deal with this or that.
-You can make step further and upgrade original thought.

I’m rather more interested in speculating as to how implementing such a thing would affect the long-term gameplay and player psychology of EVE. Would it be healthy for EVE as the game that it is now, or would it change EVE into something different?

Actually, now I’m even wondering how this would legally affect CCP as a game developer. I have no idea about the kind of laws that govern and regulate systems of financial exchange (on a global scale, since EVE is a global game), but I have to imagine that there’d be some additional legal scrutiny.

I can’t even begin to wrap my brain about the implications.

Excellent question, I see your point.
I am thinking like this, some players already are trading on black market therefore game is already affected with possibility to make profit but with two involved risks. ( Banned account and get cheated by seller in case if you are buyer. ) If game would be more “realistic” then I think that gamers would take it more seriously perhaps.

Probably we could expect level up in all areas like:

  • more players joining eve,
  • more and better organized camps
  • better planed cover ops operations
  • rules tightening in corporations
  • espionage on higher level
  • more (live person) market fights
  • more miners and industrial
    ( even now one player runs several payed accounts to mine with 20-40 ships at same time)
  • more money investing in character/game to bring skills to it’s full potential,

I can not imagaine everything that this would bring into the game but we all can see game changes over the past few years. We can ask ourselfs why is ALFA created recently, what was the purpose of that decision and how that option changed the game. There are so many questions to be asked.

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Or I can provide some reasoning to show how or why it won’t work and it that it doesn’t add to the quality. Can you show me to any reasonable degree that online games have become better in the last ten years aside from graphics?

The wackamole pic is a statement in itself. It was in reference to your thought about block chains involvement.

Anyone can make any statement irrelevant when the OP substantially changes the initial content.

Another excellent question,
I am aware that coming up with solution for exchange isn’t easy or cheap.

To try to resolve “easy” part:
Maybe we can take fiverr.com as an example on how to professionally organize online exchange and make profit from it. ( By that I am not thinking about block chain technology. )

To try to resolve “cheap” part:
Maybe Two or Even three games/game providers can make some kind of a deal among each other to create one official market.

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Sure, I/We would like to read such explanation. ( Make it constructive as much as you can. )

I would like that we keep to the topic but if you try to talk with junger people you will notice that they are searching a lot trough the internet how they can play something and make some real money. According to that, Second Life has made (is making) some progress in that way. I believe that it is only mater of time when this is going to become reality even with very small profit in the beginning and later new gaming standard.

As I am developer I can see progress in IT branche and it is very interesting to see how “let’s resolve this” way of attitude is much stronger than “this can not be done” or “it will not work” attitude.

(I could write more on this but i like to keep it short and simple.)

Oh, I wasn’t thinking about using block chainning methodology.

Yeeeaaaaaaahhhh… just skimming through this thread a few things come to mind that automatically make the idea “dead on arrival.”

  • introducing a way for people to “make money” in an international game like EVE opens it up to tax laws and legal BS with every country around the world.

  • destruction, blackmail, ganking, stealing, suiciding, etc. are all allowable tactics in all parts of EVE

  • Despite what the naysayers say, the game is VERY dynamic. So much so that every stat or mechanics change in the game will wreak havoc on the value of things in the game. The GMs are also not completely consistent with how they enforce the the ToS.

Taking the three points above, your idea is a recipe for many, many, MANY lawsuits.
And it may even bring up the question on whether virtual “property damage” is an actual crime and punishable.


Let’s keep this an actual game and try not to monetize it in a way that will cause lawyers to get involved. Kay?


There are two possible solutions on how to prevent law suits:

By player accepting no responsibility agreement which will cover all the aspects of the present game and protect CCP from any law suits. ( This is a GAME first and profit making second option. )

Separate ( independent ) company which will regulate trading assets in games.
( Not just Eve Online. )

That way each player can decide either to play for profit or for fun.
At the very begining of testing phase we can expect 10-20usd/monthly profit
on average per profit player. Acording to that I don’t bealive that someone
will hire a layer to deal with CCP.

About taxes:
Maybe easiest option for game owners is to make a deal with existing (stock/CDN/forex/etc.) broker which have all of this covered or to copy idea from them. They usually have some kind of agreement where you can withdraw money to your local bank. Therefore they don’t have anything to do with user taxes. Either local bank report account balance and number of transfers to the IRS at the end of each year or user does that by himself to get some tax benefits.

You could create some bots and make your illegal money because money is much important and without money you are bad.
I suggest calling 911, so you can tell the woman / man all about it and they can send you a ride to your new home.

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Why would anyone want to make a living playing a video game?

Turning a hobby into a career is a very easy way to start hating your hobby.


Good point,
I like to think that way too but fact is that acording to google keyword research there is a strong demand for it.
Also we can see a lot of activities on black markets. We must realize that there are countries, better say cities on this planet where is very hard to find decent paying job or even a job itself. That is main reason why people do not spend so much money on games or even playing games like game owners would like to. Playing a game is a luxury for some people on this planet. Unfortunately we all are not living on same economic standards.
Also we should realize that 100USD is somebody monthley sallary. Isn’t that person also a human? Doesn’t he have rights to access online world and have fun as we do? What are WE doing in this world to make it a little bit closer to the ones that can not afford time or money to play. ( We have that luxury. )

Should they play free games as sitting ducks? ( Would we like to play sitting ducks all the time? )

I don’t support idea of having any boots in game but for now this is not 100% regulated becasue those players are paying monthly licenses to play the game in beta mode with their additional characters and therefore this is in game owners interest.
Probably this would change in the future if game makers would gain enough profit and not living constantly on the edge of game lifetime. ( All games are dying and there is a strugle to keep existing players entertained. )

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op is basicly saying lets RMT everything and give ccp a cut to make it legal.

no this will only benefit the space rich and the large empires, notice how goons are making trillions in delve?


I love putting things out of context, so here I can tell you right now that if it weren’t for the introduction of cheat-stix, EVE would have had its lifetime extended by at least another 2 years on top of the 17 or 18 years it takes to train everything to level 5. Go figure.

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