P2e Q&A

Since P2e is being more and more talked about lately in relation to EVE Online, and I have a question about it, I thought I’d open a Q&A thread to try and shed some light on it and have one source of info for it on this forum instead of several threads talking about the same thing.

Hopefully we can have a few members knowledgeable enough to answer members’ questions.

If CCP implemented P2e in EVE Online, would I be able to play the game normally while ignoring the P2e gimmick or would I be forced to participate in P2e if I want to continue playing?

I’m no expert on the topic, but as I see it, Play to Earn is a way to legalize RMT in a form which allows CCP to get part of the profits.

What does CCP want to accomplish with legalizing RMT? This surely will increase the incentives for players to partake in what currently is RMT with all the incredibly negative effects this has on the game:

  • incentive to bot
  • incentive to hack other accounts

In addition play to earn players aren’t interested in playing a fun game, they’re here to earn their money. Where most of us (I assume) are in EVE to have fun and to play with other players who like having fun ingame, the game would become a lot less fun when the players I’m playing against are taking the game as serious as if it is a job rather than a game: players who aren’t interested in a fun experience.

Benefits of P2E:

  • CCP earns cut of some RMT (at least, assuming the pricing is competitive enough with existing RMT in order to draw people to use P2E rather than 3rd party RMT)
  • people in rich countries can skip grinding by buying from legal RMT (which they already can with PLEX)
  • people in poor countries can earn some money grinding (new)

Downsides of P2E:

  • more incentives for game-destructive practices like account hacking and botting as this now can be legally turned into real money
  • game becomes a job, if not for you it will be for your competitors

Personally I really doubt the benefits of P2E outweigh the downsides.

Can we please not bring P2E to EVE?


If P2E was implemented, development of the game would come to a complete stop because you can’t develop the game anymore without infringing upon the interests of item owners. You can’t change the stats of items or ships or mechanics because this would inevitably lead to value loss of related items, ships or other things sold via P2E schemes.



I didn’t see that one coming… Thank you!

More opportunities for moar tears maybe :smiley:

It probably would see a boost of new and old accounts.

I don’t think this is true since they too can’t outperform bots

This is gonna be the hard part, but when you find a way to make money, you keep it secret.

Play to earn is Pay to earn. Any money earned, has come from other players.

Effects will be even worse than RMT. Gold sellers at the least require the existence of special whales who want to pay them for their cracking or botting services, of their own volition.

With P2E schemes, you can even skip the middlemen looking for whales-part of the equation. All the brakes will be removed.

Pretty stupid move for a game company, because rich whales will be just as happy if not happier, with a straight up Pay2win scheme directly through the game company.

MMO publishers already have the perfect profit scheme since dropping subscription models. They just need to not suck at the entertainment part.
P2W is more profits, less botting and less account cracking. It’s funny companies now are willing to drop all of that, just for the Bernie M. experience.

Bernie M? You mean this guy?

I don’t get it.
Call me stupid but what is the Bernie M. experience in relation to P2e or P2w ?


CCP’s parent company, PA should know what’s coming. SK sofar has only forbidden P2E games on android and apple and left PC alone, for now.
The Netherlands and Belgium have forced PA to stop selling random loot boxes in their cash shop and make local exceptions.
As soon as you get into gambling or pyramid scheme territory, you start having to deal with national regulations, permits and prohibitions.
Nations are only slow to catch up, because “digital” is hard for the old timers to wrap their heads around.

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Why do you think they wouldn’t use bots? These people will optimise their ISK per effort and bots are the pinnacle of ISK per effort.

So is P2E just a legal version of the ISK sellers that we see online? or is there a bit more to it than that?

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Yes they will. I’m just saying that anyone who does not use bots will earn nothing. But bots can run everywhere and somehow I don’t think the datacenters to run bot farms to make revenue from this games will be in any way related to poor countries.

:sweat_smile: OH sh- lmao! I forgot about that guy… is he still in prison?

I like how everyone speaks as if they have experience in something that quite frankly, has never been tried.

Have you ever tried jumping off a 4 story building?

Personally I think that would be a bad idea. Haven’t tried it though.


That’s the typical argument of scammers.


Stereotypical responses everywhere.