P2e Q&A

So what’s your excuse?

Not my fault for noticing the same talking points going on for well over a decade now.

When something is true it doesn’t change with time.

If it was true it would be self-explanatory and wouldn’t need someone to always cockblock it anywhere the idea comes up. The illicit markets are going to continue to exist as long as the game does and they see enough profits that getting banned repeatedly which means even skill injecting and all that costs them so little in their operations that they can weather bans across multiple games. These talking points are probably from their camp as far as I’m concerned considering how any game with a thriving illicit market always has people preaching the same talking points as it co-exists alongside them and outside of being mentioned of the idea, they never think once about it. It’s almost as if the idea going on in the illicit market isn’t really affecting their game the way they believe it would. At the end of the day, anything anyone claims is speculations. Also, not all sellers are botters. A lot of times they’re regular players, and regular players are almost always the buyers. Even in games where there is p2w the idea exists.

When regular players trade with one another it begins to take on meaning beyond money for at the end of the day what they’re trading is the most precious thing anyone owns. Their time. So if players can make a little profit and CCP can see an increase of profit from a new revenue stream, why not? It’s also be in their control unlike how it goes on now across multiple websites where it is out of their control. You talk about scammers, but you think it’d be easier for a scammer to scam when CCP is the one who holds their cc information? I think not.

So if someone does scam now as things are, there is no real accountability on who is the scammer in game. They’d persist on a new account on those illicit websites and CCP taking control of any innovative idea they can come up with, would essentially kill those websites in turn. The revenue stream can return to CCP’s control instead of websites that have nothing to do with the game what-so-ever whose feeling of obligation would be less than the game company’s.

I know WoW sees sales daily between players on those illicit markets and blizzard sees no cut even though the websites take their cut. Things are backwards. It would only hurt a minority of players which are the ones dominating the illicit markets.

Funny you used that word in your post because it seems to me that if people believe the hype they’ll get screwed.

That was my original question in this thread: will I be able to play the game and ignore the P2e if it is adopted by CCP/PA?

So gaming companies will adopt P2e to profit from revenues that currently go to RMT? That sounds strange, I would expect them to shut down the RMTers, not join them.

I didn’t talk about scammers, you confuse me with someone else. All I want to know is: Will I be able to play the game without participating in P2e.

They would shut them down if they took control of it because they’d be more inclined to ban accounts that do use them more so than they already do now.

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Yes, you probably will be able to play the game without participating in P2E yourself.

But at the same time the introduction of P2E will introduce aspects to the game that will impact your gameplay, such as increased incentives for botting, hacking, other players less inclined to play for fun, developers being encouraged to introducing more grind-heavy gameplay and make goals harder to obtain for players in order to stimulate more income from P2E transactions, things like that.

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Thank you.

Yea, sounds like it’s going to suck for regular players like me who only want to pew-pew away and have light-hearted fun and make friends…

I feel like the golden years of MMO’s are behind us.

Maybe, but there’s still a good chance these new, unnecessary schemes will all crash and burn before it can take the genre with it. Even Activision-Blizzard couldn’t pull off the most limited and easy implementation of it with Diablo3.

Players are willing to pay more than full box price many times over to play MMOs. Whales can drop tens of thousands of USD on a single MMO.

Someone somewhere will eventually realize just how incredibly happy they should be entertaining such a generous player base.

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Can’t they develop a better bot then those out there, and sell the bot app for profit?

Because the demographic of people that play games, play those games because they are exchanging their precious time for leisure. There’s an entirely different demographic for “exchanging precious time for hustlin’ money”. For people whose leisure is the hustle, there’s a lot of ways for them to do that outside of EvE already (like starting their own business), it is not like it is “unfair” that they can’t hustle real money by playing a video game like Eve. If it is then I claim it is unfair I can’t force people to drink a Mountain Dew Verification Can before logging in to Eve, as that would benefit my stock ownership of Pepsi Cola greatly.

If P2E came to EvE I would cash out immediately and go play something else.

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Imagine when people quit they give ccp money due to cashing out. Also, considering minerals and base materials will always be required to craft stuff, the prices of goods for t1 stuff would never get out of control so light hearted fun can still continue.

To have light hearted fun in a game like EVE you need a playerbase that’s interested in light hearted fun.

Good luck finding such a playerbase in a P2E game.

… …

Good luck finding such a playerbase in the game whose forum you are posting on.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yeah just look at the all the threads about ganking. That’s all light hearted fun right? I can barely imagine what’s going to happen when a freighter gets ganked coz he was moving some of the kids college fund around new Eden. The reactions are crazed enough when its just pixels.

I have no interest in playing to earn. I think its bananas.


… …

I imagine the opposite. Compared to my $15 monthly subscription I pay, any “tax” they skim off when I sell my stuff to a whale, will be a net loss of future revenue, because I don’t have a lot of stuff in game. The way the economics works out is probably power-law distributed: there are numerous players with small amounts of in-game assets, and only a few players with tons of assets. If CCP makes money by skimming from RMT transactions between players, they’ll only come out net positive if individual “whales” cash out to offset the loss of future revenue from the subscription. Otherwise, it is an economically suicidal move to incentivize a recurring $15/mo revenue stream to turn into <$1 one-time gain.

If the player count decreases, then all that will be left, will be “whales”. Last one out holds useless digital goods in a low-player-count MMO. So “whales” will then “sponsor” “employees” to play the game for them and artifically prop up the EVEToken to prevent it from collapsing. Congratulations, all players have been replaced with basically an IRL cartel (in everything but name) with each cartel headed by a “Don Whale” vying to keep the investment alive and jockey for power. This sounds like the NullSec political jockeying of today but with all the pitfalls of including real-world money/power now.

Good luck finding that “light hearted fun” when most players are “sponsored” by a few whales doing the whales’ bidding to prop up the value of the EVEToken. If you weren’t happy with NullSec politics of today already, this is even more of a giant leap into disappointment territory.


It’s even worse than that. Not only do they lose your Omega payments, every cut they might take from your fire-sale, represents a much bigger loss in PLEX sales.

Whales don’t care where their PLEX or ISKies come from, as long as they get them. That’s an ideal P2W opportunity for any game company.

Let’s say they can take 10%… the company could have gotten 100%, more easily, by just selling PLEX directly to the whale, so that’s 90% pissed away from their perspective, if they thought about it for a second.

They don’t need cuts like it’s some kind of MLM scheme. They are not selling tupperware, but are already in the infinitely good position of copying and selling digital entertainment. They can take preventions against resale outright, like they already do now.

All they need to do, is entertain us. That simple.