CCPLS - RMT will be the Final Demise of EVE Online

(Geostrike) #1

take a look at this thread and read through it:

This is what happens when you make Nullsec ratting 100% safe with absolutely 0-risk, and FAIL to ban botting. The intel mechanics that currently exist in the game make it far too easy to program a bot that can make itself 100% safe at all times.

CCPLS!!! This game is going to die because of this ■■■■. Make EVE Scary again, make it require an actual RISK to get the reward! This welfare crap is getting out of hand. This is not WoW. This is supposed to be EVE

(Quelza) #2

Could you elaborate on what you mean by CCP ruining the game “with RMT”? Do you mean that they’re not doing enough to find and punish it?

(Geostrike) #3

I accidentally hit Enter before I finished creating the thread. It’s revised now and I think I got the point across.

(Marek Kanenald) #4

I bet its secretly North Koreans running the RMT.

Ur sponsoring Kim Jong Un, boy!

(Lulu Lunette) #5

Stories like these always fascinate me.

Yes it’s really bad though.

(Mina Sebiestar) #6

This is all high sec too easy fault dont look at null sec,look here an airplane!

Can you provide some websites names…asking for a friend…and research.

(Memphis Baas) #7

He did. Sixth row down, last word on the right.

(Mathra) #8

And this is why I’m so mad at CCP and the way they are, or more to the point, not handling bots and RMT -

A new generation of Eve players exists which thinks its ok to buy isk, not only ok, but its part of the mechanics of the game and to not do so is dumb.

A new generation of bots also now exists, not some spotty fat kid running 2 or 3 for his own isk, but large organised botting rings running 100’s of bots simultaneously that will go to any lengths to protect their now lucrative income,

Like I said in my original thread, nice one CCP, who ever oversees this from a management point of view should be sacked, its been left unpoliced for years now and the monster has grown to such a size you will find it extremely difficult to bring it back into line

Skill injectors, alpha toons, unpoliced RMT = perfect storm

(Linus Gorp) #9

5 years ago you were right. Today? Not so much.

As for the topic at hand, I reported bots and character traders with undeniable evidence to CCP numerous times. No action was ever taken. The characters bought with real money are still happily flying around, just as well as the bots are.

The only thing CCP cares about these days is milking the game for more cash until it inevitably dies due to all their terrible business and development decisions over the past years.

(Ima Wreckyou) #10

Maybe I should get into game development and create a game which plays itself if you throw enough money at it. Seams like that’s what some people want this days.

(Pestilen Ratte) #11

This is a weird thread.

What is the evil being complained of here? Who are the victims?

It seems that the great evil is that some folks are buying and selling game assets in the real world. The victims are… well, aside from the shareholders of CCP… the victims are …

…the people who want to believe in the sanctity of the sandbox? The people who get upset and triggered by other people not OBEYING THEM RULES!!!

Who really cares? Are we all supposed to pretend to believe this false outrage? Why?

It seems that some folks want to police the entire world in order to enforce the arbitrary rules of an online spaceship game. But they do not wish to do it on their dime. Oh no. The mortally offended folks want CCP shareholders to foot the bill of POLICING THE RULES.

Well, lookit, they could if they wanted to. CCP shareholders could burn a massive pile of capital, going around the world, explaining to attorneys general that the big crime of the new world order is folks who play computer games selling digital assets to other folks who play computer games. CCP shareholders could spend untold millions on lawyers to talk about it.

And what would happen? Would the police bang down doors at six in the morning, arresting nerds in some second world country because… because they have nothing better to do???

If the shareholders of CCP wanted to act in this way, they could. They could burn as much money as you can imagine, or rather that they have, trying to police their game’s rules across the globe. As it happens, they haven’t.

But the people on this thread could still do it. There is nothing to stop them emptying their bank accounts and using every cent they own to lobby governments across the globe. Police this because I care, they could say. So long as they pay, they can say it again and again and again. Nobody could shut them up. There is nobody who could stop them having their voice, trying to police the whole world.

Personally, having visited the poorer parts of the world, if folks can earn a living… if anyone at all can feed their children by playing Eve and RMT, then this game has finally counted for something good and real in the world. Apart from creating jobs for the CCP staff, and dividends for the happy capitalists who own the thing.

I’ve seen children as young as 8 breaking rocks in a quarry because a banker cheated their dad on a real estate deal. That was in what we all call a “democracy”. You want them breaking rocks, or playing Eve?

I dearly hope there is RMT in Eve, and that it is bringing some relief to some folks in the world. If your choices are practical slavery for an existence wage, or playing eve, then fly safe.

(yellow parasol) #12

RMT … one more reason why PLEX are wwwwaaaayyyyyy too cheap.

(Rivr Luzade) #13

It’s not so much about obeying the rules. What these people do is to reinforce and confirm CCP’s and other developers’ and publishers’ claims and believes that people are willing to pay for anything. Instead of creating good games, these companies get affirmation that people just want to throw money at them for something. And CCP is starting to buy in to this more with the first precedent for purchasable skill points. More things like this are soon to follow.

I do not care about RMT in itself, but this passive and active confirmation of profit driven development is the disgusting thing about this entire matter.

(Pestilen Ratte) #14

I still don’t get it, but this may be because my politics are different. I just don’t share the “disgust” at the profit motive.

If there is no profit motive, how are the artists at CCP going to earn a wage? Donations? Charity? Further, they are in Iceland. What deference to your social expectations do workers in Iceland, or shareholders in Iceland, owe? Under what social contract should these folk be free of the “disgusting” profit motive?

I would submit that profit driven development is not a problem. It’s value for money that causes businesses to grow or fail. In fact, if that is true, profit motive encourages quality because greed for money will motivate the devs to produce exceptional quality that thrills the expectations of the customers.

Perhaps what we need is more profit driven development? After all, what can be more toxic to a profit driven developer than a failing bottom line and lists of unhappy customers seeking alternative supply?

If I were a shareholder of CCP just now, I’d be spitting chips and wanting to see the heads of some finance folks on pikes. We’d be having vivid meetings about the cost of Valk marketing. But I’d be well pleased with the art department. As usual. There would be bonuses for those folks (a share of the profits, no?).

Let’s not complain about the profit motive. Not until you’ve drunk coffee in a place where only state licensed vendors make and sell the stuff.

(Ramona McCandless) #15

Did you know…?

WoW has PLEX now

(Rivr Luzade) #16

The subscription, darling. But more and more parts of the game are excluded from the subscription and only available for extra money. More and more things are being developed for pure profit motives and not for good gameplay. And this line of thinking is what RMTers reinforce. And this is disgusting.

(Aaron) #17

RMT’ing by ejecting from ships huh, its well thought out because there is no record of any transaction that CCP can follow.

(yellow parasol) #18

eeehhhhh… what? Please… you don’t know what’s being logged, but this isn’t actually hard. Though okay, let’s assume that this stuff isn’t being logged, which would be kind of stupid, but hey. Fine.

Backups exist and time is not a factor, so we can let a single machine crunch through all data. We’re looking for people who had a super at some point and then suddenly didn’t. When there is no market transaction, no contract and no kill mail, then where is it? We’ve found someone who gave his super away!

Then we look through the database again and look for every pilot who has a super and check how he got the super. If there are no market transactions and no contracts to be found, then you know this guy received it simply by jumping in.

Sure, they can’t just blanket ban these people… i mean, it’s an every day occurance that people give away their supers without getting anything in return, right? Like, you and i for example, we do it every ■■■■■■■ day, right?

This isn’t rocket surgery.

(Aaron) #19

You make valid points. What I’m saying is that this technique makes it harder for CCP to identify, perhaps they need stronger evidence than someone suddenly having expensive ships. Remember the guy in the reddit thread got away with it for 1.5 years so there is obviously a flaw in how CCP looks for rmt.

A logical way would be for CCP to actually go to these websites and buy injectors or ships and see who delivers. But then I suppose CCP would be breaking their own rules.

Players can’t snitch on these rmt guys because that would mean they rmt’d. It seems a tricky situation.

(Linus Gorp) #20

I stole several (expensive) ships that way before, Just sayin’.

The victims are the players. RMTers destroy game economies and communities. They run that as a business and have to keep the cash flow going, while maximizing their profits. This leads to rampant botting (hello Drone Regions) and breaking into other players’ accounts, among other things, along with a whole lot of really bad press as a result of it, driving more players away.

RMTers literally destroy games.