3rd party services for EvE Online


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a suitable forum category, so I’ll open the topic as a general discussion:

Where is the limit when it comes to 3rd party services for EvE Online? I remember a site that offered poker for EvE players, you could play poker with ISK and the provider earned ISK with the rake.

How far can you do this, for example:

Tutoring in mathematics or physics is offered and is paid in ISK and not in government currency.

You can pay in ISK in a restaurant and not in a government currency.

I will sell you my used car for ISK and not in government currency.

Where is the line?

There’s not really a difference between an in-game currency and cryptocurrencies, both are permitted alongside a state currency, so why not be able to pay with them everywhere?

There are already many companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, why not also accept ISK?

You can dance for isk.


Yes, I just have an idea that goes exactly in this direction…

Up until it blows. So, use it when it’s high, but don’t base your life on it.

Yes, I think I can rather pay for my pizza in ISK and not invest my pension provision in ISK.

You can’t make RL money off the EVE Online IP. Is pretty much the limit.

It’s why services like EVE Gate Check and Zkill only accept ISK donations. You can do nearly anything for ISK. Art commissions, Run a third-party industry calculator, etc. Long as it is legal and not against other rules :sweat_smile:

Yes there is lol ISK has 0 value outside EVE Online. ISK is just a magic currency CCP made up so we can all fight over it. :rofl:

I mean sure if you want to do that.

I doubt (more like I am CONFIDENT) CCP will not turn ISK into crypto anyways. :man_shrugging:

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ISK have no value outside of the game? That depends on the person and what that person defines as valuable. If you buy ISK with money, ISK of course have a value outside of the game, namely the monetary value for which the ISK are purchased. A software client with a currency is a trading system, no difference. :slight_smile:

The reason you think ISK is worth nothing is because it operates a closed currency system that you can only deposit into. That would still be normal because there is a service for that.

The difference is this: where service ends and where ownership begins, especially when it comes to intellectual property and the acquisition of intellectual property.

The gaming industry is fundamentally different from all other industries, which is why you think ISK is worth nothing.


If you play tennis and the tennis club chairman throws you out, you can take your tennis equipment with you because you bought it.

If you are kicked out of an online game, you cannot take any equipment you may have purchased with money with you; it will remain in the game.

If you bought a Titan with money and are blocked from the server, it’s just like the tennis club where you play tells you: You have to look for another tennis club and you have to leave the tennis equipment you bought here. At the new tennis club you then have to buy all the new tennis equipment.

Online games are unique here, which is why you think ISK is worth nothing. :slight_smile:

well, not legally, but when i see an ibis kill with 99 Skill injectors on zkill im 99% sure that was an outside investment for real money

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Yes as @Tirador69 beat me towards it. RMT is against the rules… :sweat_smile: That is a cheap shot @MarquisAndras you missed the point and you know it.

Wow this is alot of words to say that if you bought a titan with RL $$$ you would be banned from EVE forever and there is only 1 EVE Online…

Good feeling CCP deletes it or something? Why are we even discussing this because we (average joe gamers) should not be doing things to get banned in the first place.

SO! Back to my original point. You can do pretty much anything you want as a third-party service as long as it’s legal. Not against the TOS and whatnot and is only done for ISK because if you asked for RL $$$ that would be making money off of someone else’s IP without their permission. I said this all in my first post.

What are we here to actually discuss? If your business idea meets these basic and common-sense rules, then by all means go do it. I will brace now for the many many What-if scenarios now that people will post… :laughing:

I will say then.

  • Is it legal in RL?
  • Is it only for ISK?
  • Is it allowed by any other rules CCP sets out (GMs will gladly look).

If you done these 3 steps. Above :point_up: Then have fun.

Your whole post is completely pointless because Plex is just an intermediate currency or you can also call it stocks. That’s why you can of course buy everything in EvE with real money: real money - Plex - ISK

Plex is also a currency, just because CCP runs an exchange office with Plex doesn’t mean that you can’t buy ISK with money.

Completely pointless post on your part, which is only based on the fact that a third currency is inserted between two other currencies or a stock trade. How you want to see it. :slight_smile:

What question are you even wanting to ask? I did answer what you can do as a third party in EVE? Not entirely interested in arguing what has value and what doesn’t.

You can do anything for ISK long as it’s legal, not against other CCP rules (their TOS for example), or is not making RL money off of their IP.

RMT is immoral (probably illegal?) and against the rules. Even if you pay in crypto.

My question is in the first post and otherwise the discussion develops here. I see no reason not to discuss this in detail, why not?

Edit: What are you trying to pin on me here? I have nothing to do with RMT: I said there is no difference between an in-game currency and cryptocurrencies.

Right. Well enjoy your business idea as a third party. Just don’t profit off of CCP’s IP. Do anything illegal, or against rules CCP makes.

Have fun! :slight_smile: Tons of great tools out there and the EVE partner program where people maintain blogs/websites and if you get enough site traffic, they give you free omega as long as you maintain it. It’s why a lot of pvpers have blogs.

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For example, if I give math tutoring for ISK, am I liable for tax?

This. It’s too much of a hassle. Nation states are getting more than a bit hostile toward the idea of crypto and it’s very easy to get accused of enabling money launderers by organizations like the IRS.

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That has nothing to do with the topic. There is simply no difference, economically speaking, between an in-game currency and a cryptocurrency: the software client is not open source and cryptocurrency is not truly anonymous to authorities.

Money laundering and cryptocurrencies, on what scale? Crypto is not anonymous, as many people always believe, and must also be taxed as normal.

The closer nation states get to pushing their own digital currencies the more regulations you’ll see popping up. You might not see a logical difference between the two, there might not be a logical difference at all, but legislators and lawyers will define one anyway.

AFAIK the limit is “games of chance”.
So no more gambling sites. CCP specifically banned casinos as they became a huge ISK fountain for their operators that couldn’t be effectively interdicted or interfered with from inside the game client. And a bunch of casino operators were up to their elbows in RMT.
Artwork, tutoring or other such activities should be fine.


It wouldn’t feel the same with no mailboxes.

Wow joke, female night elves dancing on mailboxes is a joked about way to make money. That actually can work.