Money limit

is there a money limit of isk a player can have if anyone knows some other games have that and i would like to know before that happens to me if i can i also had anthoer question in mind but i forgot it silly me any helpful tips on corporation management and any newb tips are accepted as well as i just started a little while ago. btw for factional warfare if i choose caldari can i use lp only on caldari shops i would like to know


not that I know of, but I will say some folks who have earned hundreds of billions of isk let it go to their head and they got banned for reasons… so dont be a dick when you get rich.


getting rich gets you banned what did they do i wonder

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I think it was more of HOW they got rich actually… lol and the attitudes when they were finally caught? IIRC

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There are literal trillionaires in eve. A few hundred bill puts you in space middle class.


No limit on ISK, assets, and wealth. LP is bound to the shop of the NPC corporation you earned them from. There is an exception for Concord LP though, which can be converted into other corps LP.


There is certainly a theoretical limit if only because your isk balance is stored as some data type with a finite precision on the server side. But it is a number that is much larger than what you can conceivably earn, so for practical purposes you do not need to worry about it.


There is actually a coding limit to the amount of isk gl hitting it as far as I remember reading beyond trillions. If you make it congrats.


If the limit is indeed only due to technical reasons, we could guess at it. Eve is a 64-bit game, meaning that if it is using numbers matching that, it can track numbers from negative 2^63-1 to positive 2^63-1. Assuming it tracks hundredths of ISK (and just moves the decimal point for displaying the ISK itself), that means the maximum amount of ISK is (2^63-1)/100, or 92,233,720,368,547,758.07 ISK, or just over 92 quadrillion ISK. Good luck getting there, @Bellelba_Quinn! :wink:


Palentine Keepstar here we come!

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That’s a lot of Gurista Extravaganza missions…fk.

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If you view “how much ISK can I have in my account?” as a measure of “winning the game” then you have already lost.
It’s not meant to be won but enjoyed.

That’s the gentle warning out of the way. But I will do you the honour of answering your questions.

The limit on “how much ISK?” is going to be “more than any entity can accumulate in New Eden”. There are Trillionaires out there. A player playing casually - as I do - will easily accumulate billions over a few years. We’ll have ships and supplies scattered across New Eden - fully fitted battleships we’ve forgotten we owned. When you compare the wealth of capsuleers to those of the typical citizen of the Empire we are rich beyond the wildest dreams: we buy starships in quantities that only Empires can match.
If you have only just started your career in Eve you may look at a cruiser as a significant investment - and I remember that feeling. But your perspective changes.

Corporation Management. Why do you want to run a corporation? If it’s so you can build yourself a citadel then be warned that you’ll end up as one person trying to defend it against people who like kicking sandcastles over.
If it’s because you want to build a great group of like-minded people working in a common endeavour then good, but be aware that this is Eve and it is fundamentally unlike anything you’ll have played online elsewhere. Running a player corporation is like running a business in real life, you will have all the hassles of growing the operation, financial and operational management, HR and dispute management and all that goes with it.
You may be better of joining another group with similar objectives and taking on responsibility in there. Then you can do what you enjoy rather than all the other stuff that is a pain in the neck but others may enjoy doing.
Don’t form a corporation just because someone has said that’s what you must do. There is no “right or wrong” way to play Eve (you don’t have to “go to null”). I’ve hardly left Empire space, I’m not a combat pilot, I enjoy the massive puzzle boxes that is industrial PvP (yes, you are in competition with other players within a market economy - and it’s a longer, harder, bloodier game than the short street-violence of ship to ship combat - they celebrate a kill. I’ve funded wars.)

The LP question. Yes you can only use a particular corporation’s Loyalty Points in that corporation’s Station LP stores for the items they sell. It’s a scheme very similar to the method of paying workers in company tokens so you have to buy at the company store.
The value of the items you buy from whatever the Caldari equivalent of the Amarrian 24th is on the market will vary based on how hard it is to earn LP. It’s cyclical - normally on a 9-12 month period.
(In Eve you are often playing the long game).

Anyway: that’s rambled from “How much?” to the philosophical. Life in New Eden does that to you.

Fly as safely as you wish - but enjoy what you do.


Outstanding post, @Terak_Romaller

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We don’t know what data type they use to store the wallet balance. Well, someone who reverse engineered the EVE client might know. The most likely candidate IMHO would be a 32bit float actually, or it might be an unsigned 32 bit integer (storing the number of cents). It might even be a compound, custom data type. An actual 64bit value is unlikely even if the client is 64 bit, for performance and (mostly) memory reasons.

But in any case, we can agree that it’s a value that is impractical to be worried about.


Yep. I was just calculating the bounds of a signed 64-bit int for fun.

A 32 bit float you would start losing precision (as in losing or gaining cents) once your ISK value gets high enough, as a float would only store roughly 8 digits.

A 32 bit int has a max value on the order of 2 billion.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to have to be 64 bit.

Unlikely, most 64bit programs still use 32bit data structures internally. The reason I think it’s a float is due to the occasional rounding errors I experience when transferring ISK in-game, but I admit that this assertion is by no means certain. I did not see the client code so I don’t know.

To provide a little solidity to the speculation:

Eve Online is written in Stackless Python (that’s Python which is not reliant on underlying C++ system calls).
Stackless Python has two Integer types, Integer and Long. Longs are implemented with arbitrary length (they expand as required) and unlimited precision (because they expand as required).
If Eve Online is holding monetary sums as cents (0.01 ISK) then there is no practical limit to the maximum value stored.


The double precision float, which is 64 bit, has been a standard in many programming languages for the last few decades, even though most computers were still 32 bit.

If ISK were stored as a 32 bit float, you would start to notice whole ISK rounding errors any time you transfer an amount over 1 million.

There were ISK trillionaires 7+ years ago, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were now ISK Quadrillionaires. The practical limit is when the EVE server cluster throws up it’s virtual hands and stops working with the last line “Hello world, I’m not doing this anymore!”… :wink: