Burning Paper Planes

Burning Paper Planes is now recruiting!

We are a select group of pvpers both old and new with a proven track record. We have recently joined the R I O T alliance.
We are actively seeking pilots from all time zones, however, our main TZ is the EU timezone

Burning Paper Planes offers a (WAR) target rich environment with active campaigns. NBSI without the napfest, regular alliance, and the odd wormhole or Lowsec op.
You will never be short of something to throw a torp or other ammo at and collect a nice warm corpse at the end.
Our numbers reflect activity, not fluff, but we are still a corp made and build for Workers, Fathers, and people with a private life.

Who we are looking for:
-A killer instinct
-10 Million SP - killboards and combat experience a must
-Must have the basics covered (Voice Comms and Mic, able to read and speak English, mature and positive attitude)
-Active and determined pilots (Inactives and non-team players will be removed)
-Self Sufficiency
-Must be willing to re-locate with us.

What we offer:
-Take part in the alliance campaigns
-PvP with a purpose
-A target rich environment
-NBSI, small blue-list, no napfest
-Highsec and lowsec PVP utilizing all ships from frigates to capitals
-Competent pilots and leaders. Burning Paper Planes is a level headed corp that learns from mistakes rather than repeating them
-A meritocratic environment: if you have the motivation to lead and organize, get up and do it
-Active Pilots in every timezone (10% US / 90% EU) + alliance numbers
-Voice Comms / Killboards

Please contact Jacuro, Piercer, Eleonor Gremory

Please join us in our public channel, “-BUPP-”.

Friendly -BUPP- err i meant BUMP.
Join us ingame to have a chat.

Here comes the bump,

BUMP!! :smiley:

We are still recruiting,
Come have a chat with us :slight_smile:

pop it up

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