Buying ALL Toons INSTANT ISK 💵

How much for my 2005, 34m SP, Alt? Mainly Fleet Support/Freighter/Mixed bag

How much for me

(Character Sheet)

23 bill for rock rin

25bill for Jouw Uit

18 bill for Veng

22.5 for venavusha

Can i have a Price on this toons:
Character Sheet aaand
Character Sheet

38 for Jackster de Vir

65 for Jabbits


I will sell for 25b

how much

I can only go to 23.5 sorry.


Anthraxia Skill & Standings Sheet (


Offer for me ? 115M SP

been a bit AFK, but bump this is still open

Are you interested?

Looking for 8b

I can only offer 4b for such low SP toons I am afraid