Buying C1 wormhole

I am looking to purchase a c1 wormhole with highsec static, a minimum of 6 planets (t4 PI production needed), pocos included or with zero tax from a dead corp. Want to spend up to 3b if perfect setup.

Structure, empty or pos transfer works.

No active poses allowed.

Contact me in game by mail or respond directly to this post.

Bump 3b price.

I have a c3-hs with pocos and a raitaru for sale. Full p4 production. Mail me if you’re interested

Hey Larry!

Sorry, has to be C1 :frowning:

I have the location of a C1 Pulsar. 9 planets

No structures, no POCOs; system is clean and empty. Contact Sgt Sack Smash or Sgt Sack Slap in game if interested.

Whats the jsig ?


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