Buying custom spreadsheet / special. Also paying for custom overview

Looking to buy an advanced Google Spreadsheet for market stuff.
This will be using the ESI and will need to be attached to a market API.

Be warned this will be advanced, and I’m willing to pay for it.
DM me on Discord at AJ Crendraven#4547 for details. Do not contact me in-game because my anti-spam settings are funky.

There may be future payments for added functionality.


Tried DM’ing on discord and couldn’t get through to you. I am interested in helping you out but am wanting to know more about what you are looking for. PM me on here or friend me in discord if you are still looking for someone to do this for you. My discord is Horus T#7687

you cannot PM other players here on the forums,
and to message another player on discord, if they are not in common with a group, then you need to add them to discord first.

Oh my bad, just trying to get a hold of the OP. Thanks for clarifying.

Bump. Also paying for a custom overview.

did you reach out to the above person?

Yeah on discord.

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