WTB Perfect Refiner

Looking for perfect Ore and Moon Refiner

I posted this guy today for sale… All Resource Processing at lvl5 if that’s what u are looking for.

hes on track to what im looking for but I dont see that he has lvl 5 on the moon ores.

Thank you though

Ah sorry, my bad.
I stopped playing before the moon ores appear in game and I forgot I hadn’t train those.

no worries mate i appreciate the consideration. how much would you want for this character as it is

I listed him for 75b but the least I can do is 70.

Can’t go lower since I have to pay the transaction fee as well.

why would u have to pay the transfer that doesnt make any sense

Thats the logic of CCP :slight_smile: €20 per transfer :slight_smile:

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