Selling 50M PVP toon, female, great name

Can fly everything, and has mastery IV for, almost everything battlecruiser down for all 4 factions, including pirate factions.

Looking for 50B but will entertain others. Has 90%+ ISK ratio on zkillboard

Jump Clones: 2. One with +4s in Jita
Empty head in Nennamaila

Positive ISK wallet.

In NPC corp.

I’ll take buyout at 50m. Thanks :slight_smile:

oof i meant 50B sorry, big stupid on my part hahaha

40b offer

Well, if you change your mind, let me know.

Best of luck with the sale!


any chance u can do 45?

I just liquidated plex and would meet ya in the middle at 42.5

u got a deal, send ISK and account info and I’ll begin the transfer :slight_smile:

First time doing this but does the account you are sending too need to be omega?

It does not need to be Omega no,

process in case you aren’t aware:

ISK and EVEmail with account name to transfer to are sent to the character being sold,

seller logs in, transfers isk to alt, and then transfers the character to the account named in the EVEmail

Alright let me mail you now

Hey log back in quick, I’m trying to message you



Is this char sold now? Or still available?

Sold just waiting for the account to be tradable

yes as Penverne said, the character is unable to be transferred for a few days so we are waiting until then

Any chance you are around?