C0NTRABAND INC. - *update* Recruitment reopened


(Slayer198933) #101

Spread the salt!

(Mar0vinchian) #102

Back from vacation, recruitment still open for qualifying pilots join us today in Conin Lounge!

(Lohki Thornton) #103

Recruitment still open guys and girls, great place to be and plenty of content to be had

(Giggle Pickle) #104


(Lohki Thornton) #105

Still open guys and girls, drop in Conin Lounge and say hello

(Mar0vinchian) #106

Loads to shoot here, plenty to around!! Come apply today

(Giggle Pickle) #107

Murder with purpose. Join the fight today to save our server from becoming Serenity. Join Conin lounge to meet your next band of brothers.

(Giggle Pickle) #108

Join us today for a once in a lifetime getaway to sunny Tenerifis!

(Mar0vinchian) #109

High sec wars, null sec wars, small gang, large fleet, black ops, structure bash, death camp, and drunk fleet fun to be had here. Daily content and fun for everyone in uktz and early/late ustz to be had! Speak to one of our horribly untrained recruiters today to plant your spies here! Conin Lounge is the place to be, free drugs to the next 10 approved applicants!

(Giggle Pickle) #110

Join the fight today!


If you bump👊🏽 it, they will come
If you smash your F-keys, they will die

(Jokurra) #112

Recruitment still open, contact me on discord to discuss!

(Giggle Pickle) #113

Currently at war in high, low, and null. Join today and give the Chinese the big …I…