C0NTRABAND INC. - *update* Recruitment reopened

(Jokurra) #81

Bump, still recruiting, contact me in game, or join ‘CONIN lounge’ in game

(Tony Tones) #82

Hey, noob here. I have no idea how to find you in-game but I’m interested in joining

(Jokurra) #83

Daily bump, still recruiting

(Cpt WilliamKidd) #84

(Mar0vinchian) #85

Still looking for people who want a solid home with content daily, join us in conin lounge or evemail/convo me directly for inquiries. Also looking for corporations who are interested in merger, speak to me directly for this if you are interested.

(Aurelia Breeze) #86

Unsure? On the fence? Want to tilt a CEO every day calling him MARV or MARIO? This is the place to be.

(Mar0vinchian) #87

Come fly with us today!

(Cpt WilliamKidd) #88

(Slayer198933) #89

Join Up today!!

(Slayer198933) #90

we have cake!

(Cpt WilliamKidd) #91

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(Slayer198933) #92

Convoe me ingame if interested

(Slayer198933) #93

send me an eve mail if interested in joining

(Slayer198933) #94

join CONIN Lounge if interesed

(Nornheim) #95

Top notch corporation, i can defenietly recomend!

(Slayer198933) #96

Eve Mail me i;n game if interested in joining up

(Slayer198933) #97

Great corp !!

(Slayer198933) #98

We need PVP’rs!!

(Giggle Pickle) #99

Free corpse give away. Inquire within.

(Slayer198933) #100

Drunken roams here