C1/C2 Ship Fit Help

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I’m just wondering what ships are used to carry out sites in C1 / C2 wormhole combat sites.
[Perimeter Ambush Point]
[Perimeter Camp]
[Phase Catalyst Node]
[The Line]

I managed to do the Node in a passive Drake but it seemed really slow. I’m not new to the game but very new to wormhole stuff as it never took my fancy. Just wanted to start off small and learn the ropes to to speak.

Could you share your fits please.

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just look at this and you can see how you need to fit your ship https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSbMMEBlM5BAFXldnnX3GDGfUp02OAuMznRljKkbpH4Ff3SyNTrkyEjHSJGkNJsDPqypSZw3sQmQ1Ta/pubhtml#

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Thankyou I will take a look at it now.
I went for a prophecy with missiles and drones and dual repper. Should do. I might take a mobile depot to swap modules between waves.

Also, take look at gnosis.

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