C1 WH for sale Hisec static N110

Hole for sale has a hisec static,
5 planets 1x (Oceanic) 2x (Temperate) 1x (Storm) 1x (Barren)

The hole has a Raitaru installed ready to transfer over, No POCO’s totally clean with no dead sticks 1b no offers Raitaru has 300m of fuel installed and one service module due to new changes coming into effect soon.

Please join our public channel in game R.A.T for a chat :smiley:

Still for sale

was in you channel. hit me up. was interested, but wanted more info on the POCOs.

Hi will be online for about 6 hours today so if you wanna have a chat jump in the channel again at some point, there is no pocos in the hole ready for the new corp to drop their own in place o7

WH has now been sold, this advert can be removed thank you :smiley:

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