C13 wolf ryet - potentially for sale?

Quick question out of curiosity - How much would a C13 Wolf Ryet location be worth if I wanted to sell one? I’m in possession of two and need only one and was wondering if there’s a market for it.

They are shattered, so you cant anchor anything in it and cant really claim it.
Some people are willing to pay a few hundred millions (100-300?) to get an entrance, but most will just find one themself.

That’s fair enough. Only reason I asked as I’ve notice people tend to sell some other WH locations. Thanks for letting me know.

they sell not populated c5 c6 - who needs c3 - anyone can find them

C13 /= C3?

Nobody’s talking about C3 but you.

I offered everyone in my alliance 25 million for entrance/access to active WH to C13.

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