Selling access to C13 Wormholes

500mil will get you the bookmarks to the connection of a single C13 Wolf Rayet. You may request a certain C13 but I may or may not have access to it. No other guarantees can be made once the trade has been completed.

Notice: Connections to these wormholes are sometimes unforgiving. Some may very well be 28 jumps through null. I will inform you as to such. It is important that you make it clear to me what you deem are suitable traveling conditions before we finalize the bookmark trade.

Please mail in game for anything further.


Desert Blossom

to any 25 of them?

Currently in the works but I have obtained about half atm.

These switch yes? So… is the 500 Mil for access to ALL the ones you have? Is this a per day fee?

A little more details if you could

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Hello’ any C2 Blackholes available ?

@Cicada_Adacic That’s off topic as C13s are a specific type of wormhole but I’ll be sure and keep an eye out :wink:

Oh my bad’ TY :slight_smile:

I did happen to find you one though. Mail me in-game for further assistance.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks and I appreciate the interest :blush:




Hey Desert Blossom, I will jump online soon and chat if you are on :slight_smile:

Thanks Desert Blossom ☆☆☆☆☆

Glad I could help :blush:



Got turned onto this service out of the blue by the proprietor when they heard I was looking for a new home. Super good prices and very fast service. Might end up using them again if my corp out grows our current home. 10/10