C2 With C3/HS Static Price REDUCED

(Baba Galush) #1

Selling a nice little C2 with C3 and HS static. Sweet PI, and you get eight POCOS with the package. Asking 2.5B obo.

Exceptional PI for a C2/3/HS

Anxious to sell so the price has been reduced to 2 B.


(Peta Chieve) #2

What other structures are there and I assume the POCOs are owned rather than third party?

(Baba Galush) #3

Hu Peta,

What structures… A medium Amarr tower which we own and two dead sticks. And we own the a 8 POCOS.

(Baba Galush) #4

Still for sale !

(Alfony VIII) #5

I’m interested in buying your wormhole

(Syndra en Tilavine) #6

Still around?

(Dukt Tapir) #7

Is this sill for sale. Please contact me.

(system) closed #8

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