C2 with HS/NS statics, Pulsar effect location for sale 1bn

as the title says, WH location for sale ideal for pvp gurilla warfare excursions to NS and resupply

No non-shattered C2s with HS + NS static in the game.

Can you please list the WH ID?

This has been moved to the Marketplace.


ISD Bahamut

This is a scam. Their are no non-shattered double k-space c2s in the game at all. So if you buy this, you could not put up any structures at all, no POS no Citadel/Engineering Complex/or Moon Mining Refinery.

It wasn’t a scam, I just don’t know much about WH’s as this is new to me :slight_smile: so nvm forget I made the post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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