C4(C2/C5) Vanilla for Sale

Looking to sell our ‘somewhat’ recently conquered wormhole. We had intended on living there, and 3 days before our move in operation someone else did, so we fought it out. TLDR we won, but we found somewhere better a couple of weeks later, so we’re looking to sell it.

Juno - J153202 - Vanilla wormhole with a Class 2 and Class 5 static. Make money and have all the pvp you can find through the Class 5 static, and an easy(ish) access to anywhere in K-Space through the Class 2 static.

Dotlan - http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/J153202 - 9 planets with 32 moons
Anoikis - http://anoik.is/systems/J153202
Eve Planets - http://eveplanets.com/eve/system/index/show/J153202 - Pretty good PI, eh?

Sale comes with a fully combat fit, fully operational astrahus with a fairly decent fit capable of warding off any small attack, and properly supported with a fleet it could fend off quite a lot more. An excellent start to your growing wormhole corporation. We dont own the POCOs but you could take them down pretty easily and replace them with your own, if that’s what you were after.

We’re asking a cool 4 Billion smackeroos for this beut. You’ll have to mail me in game though, the new Eve forums are ass. I never get notifications from this thing, so if you’re serious send me a mail! It has about 20 or so days of fuel left before it goes low power and we don’t have any plans on refueling it, so the sooner you get it the better of a deal it is!

The astrahus we’re selling in Juno (J153202) has about 16 days or so of fuel left in it. Grab it while it’s still fully powered!

Still fully powered, we’d be willing to accept 4 Billion ISK for it now that most of the fuel has gone. It still has its armour timer though so get it while it’s good!

Time for our weekly update! Juno is still for sale and quite the bargain, you could easily earn 1 Billion ISK a week by yourself with very minimal effort. One of my members just did so anyone could easily make back their investment in no time flat. Please send me an eve-mail if you’re interested!

Wormhole is sold, thank you for your business sir! Fly dangerously. o7

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