C4 WH established corp opens recruitment

Are you lookinjg for a friendly Mature corp to share your eve time with?

No metter if you love PVP or wanna make the big money in C4/C5 PVE, here we are, an all rounded corp of mature and friendly players, most with veteran main characters who love to teamwork.

As faar as you’re friendly, take eve as a game and enjoy teamwork, you can be Newbro, Veteran or returning player, you’re welcome with us ;o)

Often ops both on cleaning C4s C5s and PVP to lowsec/Null space, the point is to have fun and enjoy the game the way you like it with other players.
All set up ready for Industry in place aswell if that rocks your boat ;o)

Hit me up in game or right here and we’ll have a talk. Enjoy

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