[ C4 WH PvP ] - Epicentre Syndicate is recruiting!


(Kevin Banks) #21

Recruitment is still open

(Gribbles Cooper) #22


(Kevin Banks) #23

It is in the advert, but we have a C4 and C5 static.

(Kevin Banks) #24

EPSYN is recruiting!

(Kevin Banks) #25

EPSYN is recruiting!

(Kevin Banks) #26

EPSYN is recruiting! Hop by and findout more!

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #27

EPSYN is recruiting!

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #28

EPSYN is recruiting! Hop on!

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #29

Come join the EPSYN gang, we’re recruiting,

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #30

EPSYN is recruiting, Come be a space pirate with us, we promise we’ve got cookies.

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #31

Wanna be a space ninja? wanna kill nerds or krab? Come join Epsyn.

(Matthew Atlas) #32

Still looking for more peeps!

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #33

Come join and be a l33t derp with the rest of us!!!

(Sal'am Gu'itza2) #34

EPSYN, deleting one,umh, unusual fit at a time!

(Kevin Banks) #35

EPSYN recruiting always! ( and advertising when i remember to post in here!)

(Kevin Banks) #36

Remembered to update [DAY 1]

(ninjawolf) #37

Recruitment is still open!

(ninjawolf) #38

Guess what… Still recruiting! :open_mouth:

(Mr Urb) #39

Join us and fly all the moas!!!

(Lillith Sakata) #40

Recruitment is open. Come to wormhole space and be a scary peep with other scary peeps.