[ C4 WH PvP ] - Epicentre Syndicate is recruiting!


(ninjawolf) #41

Free fights on the regular! Lets go welp together! :smiley:

(Lillith Sakata) #42

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the pilot of a corp called EPSYN

(ninjawolf) #43

In K-Space I was born and raised,
With local chat was where I spent most of my days,
Chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool,
And all shooting some dumb fools near my gateway,
When a couple of guys who were upto no good
Started asking “Wanna travel to another hood?”
I got in one little fight and my CEO got scared
He said “Stop it or I’ll make you move out of our space!”

(Lillith Sakata) #44

I begged and pleaded with him, day after day
But he fired me from corp and sent me on my way
He AWOXed my ship and that was my ticket
I put my cloak on and said “I might as well kick it”
C4 class, yo, this isn’t bad
Krabbin’ sleepers out of a C5 static
Is this what the people of EPSYN livin’ like?
Hmmm, this might be all right
But wait, I hear they’re prissy, bourgeois, and all that
Is this the type of place that they just sent this cool cat?
I don’t think so, I’ll see when I get there
I hope they’re prepared for the Prince of EPSYN

(Kevin Banks) #45

Epson is a printer… we are EPSYN like a printer but not…

(Kevin Banks) #46

Spike in local

(Mr Urb) #47

Hey scrub! yes you! get into WH space now!

(ninjawolf) #48

It’s almost like we’re recruiting still!

(Kevin Banks) #49

still recruiting…

(ninjawolf) #50

Recruitment open still, all the laughs!

(Mr Urb) #51

Hey you! Were still here join us!

(Lillith Sakata) #52

We are still recruiting, even if people can’t keep it spicy. Maybe Fresh Prince of EPSYN too much for the EU boys to handle :smiley:

(ninjawolf) #53

Hey, that’s not cool! I’m an EU boy … Also, still recruiting xD

(Lillith Sakata) #54

Do you count? You’re on all TZs :smiley: You’re NWO TZ hehe
We’re still recruiting. Lots of fun, come join in!

(Kevin Banks) #55

Its that recruitment time again!

(ninjawolf) #56

Recruitment still open. Join us at a place where Timezones mean nothing!!

(UMEE) #57

sounds fun. sent Kevin a message in game.

(Mr Urb) #58

Hey @Lillith_Sakata and @ninjawolf you should totally start a song again!!!
And oh yeah we’re still recruiting!!!
If you would like a chill place, where your can get a lot of great PVP join us now!

(ninjawolf) #59

Recruitment still open!
You got it @Mr_Urb!
Woke up this morning with blood in my eyes
And then realised I was still largely alive
It was a long time burning for my own home gate
I don’t know who got me or why.

(ninjawolf) #60

Must be those strangers that come from yonder hole
Those scary shaped lights make people role
Leave wrecks in space that remind us of our home
I hope we get a good fight!