(C4 WH PvP) - [EPSYN] Epicentre Syndicate is recruiting

Epicentre Syndicate [EPSYN] is now recruiting!

EPSYN is a well-established, tight-knit wormhole community that provides a relaxed environment for its members to thrive in. Our main focus is PvP - wherever we can find it - however, our members are involved in just about every other area that EVE has to offer. Our base of operations is a C4 wormhole (no effect) with C4/C5 static connections.

What can EPSYN offer you:

> Regular PvP - Play EVE the right way - stalk targets without local and participate in small-to-medium-sized fleet engagements where every player’s actions matter. Fly in a massive armor brawl against dreadnaughts or command fleets through frigate holes. Regular connections to low and null-sec allow us to spread the glory of Bob even further through nano-roams. ZKillboard

> ISK Making Opportunities - Our c5 static and farmholes enable regular PvE operations that allow you to PvP dangerously without having second thoughts about your wallet. For industrialists there is ore, gas, and planetary interaction, as well as multiple industrial structures available. To make life easy EPSYN offers a buyback program for all PvE loot and industrial materials you can get your hands on!

> Exploration - All activity in wormhole space starts with scanning. This means everyone in the corp is involved in scanning to some extent. To encourage our resident scanners, EPSYN offers up to 100% finders fee on the loot of any kills they initiate.

> General good vibes

  • Inclusive community always happy to help out.
  • RL first attitude - all fleets and ops are completely optional
  • Experienced leadership and members
  • Teamspeak and discord servers for communications
  • Pathfinder mapping tool
  • Multiple citadels for free jump clones and other services
  • SRP for logistics, HIC and DIC losses in fleet engagements
  • Primary EUTZ with USTZ recruitment expanding. Small AUTZ presence
  • Low tax

What are we looking for:

> People who want to get involved - An important part of this is being active on voice communications. You’re not some nameless face, and the inevitable slow night is a lot better with good banter!

  • TS3 for voice communication
  • Discord for pings and information

> Train into our fleet - We understand that you might not be able to fly every doctrine ship right away, but our members are expected to train into and own ships of every doctrine we fly eventually.

> Independence - Although our PvP content is very regular, it is often hard earned through scanning and scouting. Because of this, we are looking for pilots that are willing and able to scan, scout, create or find content for themselves and others. We are NOT looking for people who want their content served on a silver platter or expect fights as soon as they login.


For security reasons a full API for each character you intend on joining with must be added to SEAT. Full instructions in recruitment channel.

Applicants must have at least one active omega account

Applicants must be able to fly the following:

  1. CovOps Scanner
  2. Loki / Drekavac or Guardian
  3. drake navy issue or basi


  • Join channel “Epicentre_Recruitment” in-game to talk to a recruiter,
  • Leave a reply to this forum post, or
  • Send an in-game mail to the recruiters below:
    • EU TZ: Zolka Lando, Azrael Hunts, Kevin Banks
    • US TZ: Lillith Sakata


Been with Epicentre for over a year now, a great corp to fly with. Jump into our recruitment channel if you have any questions (“Epicentre_Recruitment”).


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Stop by recruitment channel today!

Come and join in the shenanigans.

Interested. 123m sp. Lived in a hole for a year less than two years ago and want back in. What is your group’s eve time range most active?

@Octavious0506 We are most active during EUTZ. Feel free to stop by our ingame channel during primetime or whenever to talk to a recruiter!

Says one of the other USTZ nerds :smiley:
We do have USTZ people, not quite as many, feel free to join the recruitment channel and give us a shout whenever you’re on, lots of members stay in there.

Still looking for people to help us win eve :smiley:

Recruitment open

Send a mail or stop by our channel today!

Get in my hole

You should be in our hole! Apply Today!!

Come help me fill my second corpsicle, ahem, “Ice Cream” fridge…

Stop by now!

Do you like to be cloaked? Do you like to PvP? Do you enjoy hanging out on teamspeak with a bunch of cool pilots?

If so, mail an EPSYN recruiter today!

Stop by our channel now to talk to a recruiter!

Come and join us. Then you can talk to awesome people like me everyday!

wormholer btw

join us