(C4 WH PvP) - [EPSYN] Epicentre Syndicate is recruiting



EPSYN is recruiting. Feel free to jump in our recruiting channel.

EPSYN is always looking for good pilots, step by our recruitment chat and talk to one of our recruiters

If you’re tired of kspace and want to have some fun with jspace shenanigans, we’re recruiting.

Stop wasting your time with gate games, wormholes are much better! Join us now!

Liking no local? Come to where we have never had local. It’s much more fun!

Want to avoid the capital blobs? Come and fly where the small gang fight is king!

Hiring new pilots!

Still looking for that special pilot to make us complete :smiley:

On vacation atm, but commenting here so I dont forget to look closer at this when home. 28mill SP not played since 2013.

Hey. Feel free to poke me in game when you get back from vacation and we can have a chat about what you’re looking for, and whether we are the right place for you!

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Enjoying the blackout? Come and join us in a place where its dark ALL the time!!

I’ve joined this corp a month a go and having a blast. Definitely recommend for people who are looking for the best wormhole experience!

Come for the dank isk, stay for the dank fights!

Bump for good guy Urb

FC, can I bring my drake?


Join us, and help bring back the glory days of the drake! :smiley:

Still looking for the perfect drake pilot!