C4 WH | The Suicide Express [PROZC] | Recruiting USTZ and EUTZ

The Suicide Express has returned to worm hole space and are looking for combat pilots that aren’t afraid of a little sec status hit when we roam into low sec. We are also looking for BLOPS capable pilots to join us in covert shenanigans.

We have a high sec part of the corp based out of Domain, and we can offer players a place for industry and missions. We strongly encourage pilots to pvp with us in the surrounding low sec and null sec as well as in our worm hole.

What we are looking for:

:arrow_right: full account api
:arrow_right: mic for comms when in fleet
:arrow_right: ability to fit a T2 tank (shield or armor), T2 mwd, and T2 tackle on a T1 cruiser
:arrow_right: absolutely drama free attitude

There are no mandatory ops to join. All we ask is that you have fun with us, be it in Domain or elsewhere across eve. We do not care about your ship losses here. Fly reckless. We’re a well named corp!! :smile:

You will find with us:

:arrow_right: great friends to play eve with
:arrow_right: discord and #slack for communication
:arrow_right: advice on skill queues and ship fittings
:arrow_right: assistance with learning how to pvp
:arrow_right: assistance with industry and mission running for new players
:arrow_right: over 1500 fully researched BPOs to make nearly anything you could want BC and smaller
:arrow_right: people to laugh with as you roam through wh/low/null sec, live or die (we will not run from a fight we can’t win Pirate)

Join our public channel ‘PROZC Public’ to see if you’re a fit with us. Our in game recruitment add and corp info lists who you can contact about membership. You won’t be disappointed!

Also feel free to eve mail any of the following: Max Ericshaun, OmegaTwig, Quin Yi, Claevyan, Duns


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Seriously good bunch of blokes - only downside is they aren’t AUTZ. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Currently expanding by quite a bit. Looking to fill out our EUTZ members more (who isn’t?) and willing to widot smaller groups that are looking for a larger home within J-Space.

Interviews are open for anyone interested!

PROZC is a member of Rejection Of Sov. alliance, which happens to be part of WH NATO.

Sometimes, NATO does things Recent Nato Battle Report

Blue Team: Aggressors attempting to Evict ArcJet.
Red Team: WH NATO and some friends
Green Team: POS Party attempting to 3rd party and get a Gud Fite!

We are a defensive pact focused on preserving those in WH space that bring content and enhance the area from eviction by outside parties. Especially when those parties are NOT wormhole entities or are acting as a mercenary force for an Empire based allinace\corporation.

A study on the effects of Advanced Point Defense Systems when activated against Polarized Stealth Bombers for 1 seconds

Bumping for my bros!

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Join us TODAY!

Welcome to wormhole space pilot! Here’s a probe scanner and a megathron. If you make it back to us with both items intact, you become a lieutenant.

REALLY increased the EUTZ population over the last few days! Recruitment still open.




C4 with C3/C5 statics - Wolf Rayet.
Come join the mayhem! USTZ.


Recruitment still open!

Join us for wormhole mayhem! Recruitment still open.

Take a ride on the Pain train! Still recruiting!