[VIRAL] Virulence Factor USTZ C4 Corp Looking for YOU

Virulence Factor is openly recruiting active pilots looking to live and fight in wormhole space.

We are a C4 corp and are primarily active across the USTZ hours. We PvP almost exclusively, members do run PI from our system for isk and the C4 provides opportunities to be self sufficient. We have a no drama policy here, you won’t find ragers or elitists, we’re a laid back group who has zero time for that stuff.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Ability to cloak, Cloaking IV preferred or at least on your way to it

  • Active on comms with a mic that isn’t horrible

  • Omega Clone

  • Team players, a lot of what we do requires scanning. Everyone scans, we don’t rely on one person to find our targets and feed the corp, this is done by everyone.

  • Ability to fly a CovOps ship, a second account for scanning purposes is preferred but not required.

What We Offer:

  • Experienced FC’s

  • Doctrine SRP

  • Willingness to train newer pilots

  • Isk making opportunities through PI and PVE sites

  • A steady stream of PvP action

  • Opportunity to fly with a tight knit group of players and become more than just a number

If interested please pop on over to our Discord and say hello. All applicants will undergo an ESI check through SeAT.


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Do you enjoy PvP in a small group? Check us out.

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Recruitment open!

Still looking.

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I have an interest if you are willing to take on a newer player. Approx 10M skill points. At work atm…will get on discord later today.

Sounds good! We will be here.

still looking for more

Come check us out in discord!

Recruitment still open.