Virulence Factor - (C4 - USTZ)

Virulence Factor is openly recruiting active pilots looking to live and fight in wormhole space.

We are a C4 PvP corp and are primarily active during USTZ hours. We are a pretty laid back group of people. Just looking to get some kills and have fun.

What we require:

  • Ability to cloak/fly CovOps

  • Active on comms

  • Omega

  • ESI check

What we offer:

  • SRP

  • Willingness to teach newer pilots (5m SP+)

  • Opportunity to fly with a tight knit group of players

If interested please pop on over to our discord and say hello.



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Still looking for more!

Come say hey in discord!

Finishing up some work here. Will you be on around 6 or 7 ? Would like to talk to ya

Yup. Just pop into our discord when you’re available.

Recruitment open!

Check us out!

Come say hey in discord!

Recruitment open!

Come try out wh space with us!

Looking for more.

Recruitment open.

Come say hey in discord!

Recruitment open

Looking for more PVP oriented people!

Recruitment open!

Still recruiting!

Come check us out!