VIrulence Factor [C2 - C3/HS]

Virulence Factor is openly recruiting active pilots across all timezones who are looking to live and fight in wormhole space.

We are a laid back corp that just enjoys flying together and looking for ships to blow up. Our primary focus is on PVP and we welcome all who love WH space and the challenge it brings. If you are a newer player or just new to WH space, no big deal, we can walk you through the growing pains.

What we offer:

  • SRP
  • PvP and PvE
  • Discord for voice comms
  • Private Tripwire for WH mapping

We Require:

  • ESI check on SEAT
  • In discord on comms for fights
  • Be cloaky!

If you are interested in applying, stop by our discord and have a chat!



Come say hey!


Pop into our Discord and say hey!

Check us out!

Don’t be shy if you are new to WH space!

Come check out wormholes with us!

Come fly with us!

I want to explore so many holes with you, check us out!

Come say hey!


Swing by and say hey.