The Suicide Express [PROZC] | Recruiting USTZ and EUTZ

The Suicide Express has returned and have joined our new alliance Sev3rance in Nullsec located in the Providence Region. We are looking for new recruits to fill our ranks whether you are a new combat pilot or the bitterest of bitter vets.

What we are looking for:

:arrow_right: full account ESI
:arrow_right: mic for comms when in fleet
:arrow_right: Willingness to train into our doctrine
:arrow_right: Drama free attitude

There are no mandatory ops to join. All we ask is that you have fun with us. We do not care about your ship losses here. Fly reckless! We’re a well named corp!! :smile:

What you will find:

:arrow_right: RL first attitude
:arrow_right: Great friends to play eve with
:arrow_right: Discord and TS for communication
:arrow_right: Advice on skill queues and ship fittings
:arrow_right: Assistance with learning how to pvp
:arrow_right: A cozy wormhole for your alts
:arrow_right: People to laugh with as you roam through wh/low/null sec, live or die

Join our public channel ‘PROZC Public’ to see if you’re a fit with us. Our in game recruitment add and corp info lists who you can contact about membership. You won’t be disappointed!

Also feel free to eve mail any of the following: Max Ericshaun , Jago Estemaire , Claevyan

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting for the pain train!

Loving them good fights in Provi! Come join the fun!

Come join the fun! Lots of great people in corp and alliance!

Looking for more recruits who love tons of action!

Join the mayhem! Looking for some new recruits!

Please sir! Please? A moment of your time?
Providence needs you. What once was a shining empire of Amar-ian roleplay fascism, has become a sad, pathetic shadow of the decadent, communist, fail-army that it once was! I used to fly and die with CVA and their pets, and let me tell you, our fail-fit noob-squads would blot out the sun! Our enemies (like -AAA- , Ushra Khan, etc.) used to fight us in the shade! Now the former vain-glory of CVA-and-pets is barely holding the region (that nobody really wants) and our fleets are mere handfuls of ignorant noobs and bitter old vets, dashing themselves against the ramparts of baby-nullsec! Please, all it takes is a moment of your time, a mere handful of your isk to feed a desperate Provi-blobb… whether you join us in our fight, fight against us, or simply donate a pittance of your resources to our cause, even a tenth of a pittance, doled out in ten increments of one tenth of a pittance each, YOU CAN HELP MAKE PROVIDENCE GREAT AGAIN! HELP US BUILD A WALL!

Still recruiting! Come join the fun!

Come fly with us!

Still looking for new recruits!

Still looking for highly motivated pilots to join us!

Lots of fun to be had! Great people in a great alliance! Come join us!

Still recruiting for some good fights! Come join us!

Come join us for awesome content in nullsec!

Still recruiting! Come join us!

Hit up our channel PROZC Public :slight_smile:

Join the team! Still recruiting!

In PROZC you’ll enjoy small corp level roams to other areas, BLOPS fleets, alliance fleets, and coalition level fleets. There’s a bit of something for all levels of pvp (and pve, I guess, if that’s what you’re in to :stuck_out_tongue:)

Still recruting!!