C4 WHS + Null Sec - New-Pilot Friendly! Pagids Legion

Pagids Legion are a reforming corporation of Taladi Federation and Wormageddon. By teaming up with Dredd - The Purification Project, we will have a much higher activity level and will have a good set of guys online at any given timezone.

We are very relaxed and chilled, other than making sure everyone logs into Discord even if they’re in the afk room. RL comes first, we like our recruits to know that :slight_smile:
More about what we are and what we offer:

-We are PvP addicts, whether that be whelping T1 hordes, or running some small gang fleets through our wormhole chains.

  • We offer lots of PvP and PvE opportunities, not only in wormholes but null sec and low sec too.
  • We have a training program for new-pilots and alpha’s too.
  • We have structures and citadels with facilities setup in our hole.
  • Gas buyback.
  • Very big, ambitious alliance goals that we actually say ‘■■■■ it’ and get things moving.
  • Active Discord both in EU and US.

SRP’d fleets and ships to be handed out in 99% fleet battles.

Check us out in our public channel: Pagids Public
Or mail or convo:
Azzectra - EU
Picard Galax - EU
Xeno Dragoon - US

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