Pagids Legion - Nullsec PvP Corp - Outside the big blob

Pagids Legion is searching for active pilots that look to be part of a close-knit community, become part of something new and witness the growth of a new rising null sec alliance that has also co-formed a new coalition in called “Garden Annoyances”

Who we are

You may of heard of us. We are part of that “New nullsec Alliance” that has been entering the big stage in recent times, and have been doing extremely well for ourselves as of late with some interesting posts and memes on Reddit.

Pagids Legions core goes back a few years, with the original Wormageddon crew that first formed in a C4 WH. Taking it to null, we have lead Wormageddon to success and we are stronger than ever. We even claimed our very own sov in the rich content of Tenerifis before deciding to move away to resume our small-med scale PvP. We have pilots actively engaging in PvP each day and taking advantage of the corporations PvE and indy aspects. Focusing on Small & med-scale PvP, we have some of the most exciting engagements for pilots to be a part of We refuse to be in the “Big Blob” and are one of the few small groups in null making a name for ourselves. Fighting outnumbered and outgunned is what we are about!

We are proud to of co-formed a new coalition in null, known as the “Garden Annoyances Coalition”. Unlike other coalitions, we are extremely regimented, just like our alliance itself. Close co-operation, we have each others back like no other. We have formed such a bond, that even players have been having meet-ups IRL.

  • Small & Med-Scale PvP
  • Daily Roaming gangs
  • Close fights
  • SRP
  • Capital Engagements
  • US & EU timezone content
  • Rich region for PvP content

What do you look for in PvP? If your interest is in the smaller scale compared to the F1 monkey Tidi 5hr fights, this is certainly something you should consider!

PvE & Indy
  • Rorqual Support
  • ABC ores
  • Moon mining
  • 0% Tax in industry structures
  • Dead end constellation
  • Upgraded systems
  • Doctrine ships and modules on extremely high demand
  • Really active industry team
    *Alliance Ore & Ice Buyback

Yes, you read right. 0% tax on industry structures. We want our industry folk to have the best setups possible, we help in every way possible for you to build things cheap. In return, our industry guys feed our PvP with good value ships for shooting reds!


A basic understanding of null is also necessary. Remember that we are not a training Alliance, and will not be telling you the difference between a neut and a rat from example!

We have so much to offer, and surprising content each day. We hope to see your application, or at least for you to contact us to see who we are and what we are about!


Pub channel: Pagids Public


  • Azzectra (EU)
  • Xeno Dragoon (US)
  • Zipp Adoudel (US)
  • Wesley Cruster (US)
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Don’t forget to send us your API’s!

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Looking for some more souls to join the suicide squad!

All Alpha’s are welcome!

Still recruiting!

No skills requirements, only API keys and teamspeak!

Recruitment back up with new space full of content!

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Recruitment going well, come join some Thrahser fleets!

Still recruiting!

Still accepting alpha’s and all types of pilots! Got pockets of space with lots of content available!

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Still recruiting!

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Fly a Thrasher

Join now for some suicidal fleets, ratting fleets, mining ops, and everything null sec!

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Recruitment remains open!

No rent, no paps, no activity requirements.

Laid back and chilled, join us for lots of content, pvp and pve, we do everything null!

Still recruiting alpha’s!

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