C4 wormhole corp - Now recruiting new members!

Holey Amarrian Inquisition is recruiting!

We are a small, focused PvP Oriented WH Corp that lives in a C4 Pulsar with a C3/C5 Statics We are a US TZ Corp, but we got a fair number of EU folks as well.

We are a corporation unique in Eve, with a very relaxed and casual corporate culture - Most of us are older, mature, and disciplined. This lets us let our hair down and relax a bit, joke around, etc, Since we don’t need to babysit people. Even our newer members, who might not know a ton about the game, rarely make dumb mistakes.

We don’t worry too much about skills. We don’t worry about how much you know. We don’t even care if you know how wormholes work or not. We do care about maturity, intelligence and a willingness to learn. Skills can be trained, experience can be earned, and some of the best players come from humble beginnings.

What we offer– Regular PvP fleets / Rage Rolling, etc. , both as a corp and with allies.

– Evictions with fair loot sharing for participation.
– We utilize both the C3 and C5 statics , with the C3 meant to support newbros
– Good PI and other industrial opportunities for wannabe Eve Tycoons– No Taxes at all.
– WH Buyback program, totally optional. Get paid immediately and help Corp!
– Extremely diverse doctrines with room for experimentation.
– Proud Member of BLOB5
– Holey retains a very high level of independence in that alliance.
– Industrial Support in allied corporations that live with us.
– Wormhole Research, Manufacturing and Refining stations.
– HI-Sec Industrial stations held privately by members, open to corpmates.
– Well equipped and defended home. Security matters to us!
– Great FCs who are informed, patient, and eager to share knowledge.
– Small tightly knit corporation, where you know everyone’s name.
– Drama Free! No really! It’s possible!

What we Expect

– Willing to invest in a Rolling Battleship, Heavy Defense, Cov-ops and misc. support ships.
– Willingness to eventually train into multiple diverse doctrines and PvP generally.
– Scanning Alt - can be alpha, but being able to scout is important.
– Willingness to use comms when your in the WH, and be smart, use scouts, etc.
– Willingness to learn AND to teach.

Reach out in our Discord

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