Holey Amarrian Inquisition - C2 - HS/C3 Looking for new Holey Holers to join

Do you have a passion for wormholes along with an unquenchable thirst for blood? The Holey Amarrian Inquisition is looking to expand our efforts for new Inquisitors. Created in 2018, we have forged a brotherhood unique to those found in Eve’s servers. With members residing in both US and EU timezones, we are able to be flexible enough to fit your gaming needs. We can prioritize our efforts to teach newbros WH life, and how to prosper within it. Holey also prides itself on it’s PVP focus, and have several activities to support it.

-PVP focused
-tight-knit members
-corp fleets
-newbro accommodating

-Able to get on discord
-Must be semi-active (not a second job)
-Able to work together and learn

Would you like to apply? Would you like to know more?
Join IGC “holeyfans”
Join discord here Holey Inquisition

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We’re still active and recruiting!

Blood for the blood god, join and sacrifice others with us!

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