[C5-C5 WH PVP]Doom Generation wants you!

Doom Generation is a PvP-focused wormhole corp living out of a no-effect C5 with a C5 static. We are currently recruiting pilots for US and AU timezones who want to be a part of an up-and-coming high-class wormhole corp built around a core of experienced wormhole pilots.

What we offer:
PvP including traditional wormhole brawls (with and without caps), nano roams in null/lowsec and basically anything we can have a reasonable shot at killing
Fortizar living
Tripwire mapper
Relaxed, but competent attitude
TeamSpeak + Slack for in- and out-of-game comms

What we require:
Ability to fly one of a Legion, Loki or Guardian with T2 HAMs/Guns
Covert ops cloak capable scanner (Covops, T3, Stratios)
Willingness to scan, scout and roll the chain
Desire learn from mistakes and improve as a pilot (we’re not gonna yell at you though)

What we prefer(not required):
Logi 5
Cap-capable pilots
Useful alts
Prior experience with PvP or Wormholes

Killboard for activity: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1262577328/

***Looking to expand our AU TZ as well!

P.S. If your a smaller corp and would like to merge we can discuss those kinds of details over a couple Mai Tais.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for you can reply to this post or say hi in the channel “DG3N Public” to get in touch with a recruiter.

Come one, come all!!

Come try something new!!


Bring your friends!!

We love scouts!!

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