$$ C5/C6 Wormhole Rental $$

Lazerhawks have a number of C5 and C6 wormholes available to purchase or rent.

High-class WH PVE is the best ISK making in the game. Optimized dreadnaught setups can run a single C6 anomaly in a single siege cycle (800m over 5 mins) while low-risk sub-cap farming still nets much more than even supercarrier ratting.

Rental benefits include:

  • Gank and eviction immunity from Lazerhawks and our blues
  • +5 standing to Lazerhawks and our blues
  • Eviction defence for no additional charge (free content for us)
  • Access to our PVE guides
  • POCO ownership

Read the full rental agreement HERE

Main Points of Contact: Rock Renalard, Xeraos and Riggs Gruskyte either via Mail or Convo (mail pref)

Please dont fall for these scams.