C5 MCAV is Recruiting all Skill levels

Hi. I’m Bardos Skylifter.

Now, a lot of you folks don’t know what MCAV is. But I can assure you this: by the end of this post you’re gonna want to do everything legally possible to get involved in it. Now eight years ago, I weighed 500 pounds, I was getting really high every day, and I was washing my dishes in the bathtub. But thanks to MCAV, two years later, I own myself a mansion, I got a summer home in Maine, I got an awesome boat, I got a jet pack, I got a sweet looking wife, and I got an entertainment center with a whole heck of a lot of CDs and laser disks and books I’ll never use.

Now all this material stuff doesn’t make me happy - although, you’ve never seen anything like that boat of mine. Nope, it’s my new Enyo that makes me happy. My new Enyo that is powerful, explosive, and a real competitor.

I know some of you might be thinking, “Okay, Bardos, you’re full of bologna sausage”. I’d understand your skepticism if there weren’t millions of people out there who changed their life through joining MCAV. But there are. People like Manute Bol, Richard Kiel, Andre (the) Giant, and of course The Titte’ Brothers.

So what are you waiting for? Come join MCAV and become a real competitor today!

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For a limited time if you fly one free enyo you get a second enyo free for your alt.

We are still looking for more guys that want to fly/learn nano gang.

Hey guys we are still recruiting.

Recruitment is in full swing, apply now!

We are still looking for more guys!

It’s a golden age in wormholes come check us out today.

Come join MCAV! The ONLY PvP focused wormhole nanogang corp in EVE Online!

We have been rated #1 for three consecutive years by Men’s Health magazine.

C5|C5 WH Corp hiring stone-cold killers. Join “MCAV-Public” if you think you’ve got the balls it takes to fill our hole

Recruitment is still open, get in while you can!

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Join us and collect content.

We pay our scanners!

0 days since last gud fite !!!

We are looking for some aggressive EU tz guys.

Come join us for some good banter in the EU tz

How do I join?

We are still recruiting, especially if you are an EUTZ pilot! Come join MCAV today!