C5 MCAV is Recruiting all Skill levels

For a limited time if you fly one free enyo you get a second enyo free for your alt.

We are still looking for more guys that want to fly/learn nano gang.

Hey guys we are still recruiting.

Recruitment is in full swing, apply now!

We are still looking for more guys!

It’s a golden age in wormholes come check us out today.

Come join MCAV! The ONLY PvP focused wormhole nanogang corp in EVE Online!

We have been rated #1 for three consecutive years by Men’s Health magazine.

C5|C5 WH Corp hiring stone-cold killers. Join “MCAV-Public” if you think you’ve got the balls it takes to fill our hole

Recruitment is still open, get in while you can!

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Join us and collect content.

We pay our scanners!

0 days since last gud fite !!!

We are looking for some aggressive EU tz guys.

Come join us for some good banter in the EU tz

How do I join?

We are still recruiting, especially if you are an EUTZ pilot! Come join MCAV today!

We are looking for aggressive pvp pilots!