C5 MCAV is Recruiting all Skill levels

Come get the content. Wormholes are hot right now!

We are still recruiting! Come along for some nano fun!

The frags are getting danker by the day, don’t miss out, apply today!!!

Magnet is one of the most warm, inviting holes in Jspace. Come get some, family style



Come apply today for a tight-knit community and fun PVP/high-class WH living experience!

Come join the only undefeated PVP corp in New Eden

Still recruiting, apply today to join the family!

Can confirm that they do infact love Enyos!

Enyos are hugs and kisses form wormhole space. They are free if you come fly with us.

We are still looking for brave pilots to join us and learn the ways of nano!


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We are still looking for pilots to come fly with us! Join today!

MCAV is still recruiting, join today!

MCAV is still looking for pilots willing to live the close-knit smedium gang lifestyle!!! Come apply today!

Recruitment is still open, come join us for that fun WH experience you have always wanted!