[C5 WH PVP] Sirius Proxima is Recruiting

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting! Come see if we’re a good fit for one another!

Still looking for more good people to fly with us!

Still going strong! Come out with us :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

Still looking for more people to fly with!

Always remember; if something goes wrong, always blame Wookie.

Still going strong! Come fly with us!

Still out and looking!

Still looking for more :slight_smile:

Still looking for new people to come fly with us :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m looking for pvp corp, I chose minmatar on character select when I created.

It was so perfect then I saw ESI check required… Nothx.

Get with the times. o7

Still looking for more!


Still actively looking for more people! If you’re curious, just stop by and chat with us! :slight_smile:

We’re still looking for more people! o7

We want you! We’re still recruiting. :+1:

Our recruitment is still open. Drop by if you have any questions o7

If you interested, join our public channel or discord! Feel free to ask questions. Recruitment is still open

Wormhole space is exciting, and sometimes dangerous :wink: . Come fly with us!