*** C5 Wormhole Corp looking for New Members *** [The Bilderberg Group]

Greetings YO!

We are currently recruiting open-minded / Chill players that want to do a bit of everything in Eve. We are a small, fun, find content-oriented corp without a focus on any specific playstyle. We do everything from PVP, PVE to Industry and are happy to train new bro’s on how to “EVE and WH GOOD”.

We want members who are:

* *Using comms. WH space doesn't work out well for those who don't. (Discord is a must)*
* *Able to fly some sort of covops scanning ship. (Astero's etc)*
* *A good fit for the Corp Culture. We are all weird in here, but it strangely works.*
* *Happy to skill up to a Doctrine ship for System Defense (Eventually) We <3 kitchen sinks but sometimes we must try hard. sigh**
* *Honest, we all help each other out here.*
* Able to have a laugh, we are very sarcastic to each other and there is no one exempted from having the piss taken out of them. It's all fun and egos are left at the door.

A little more about us:

* *Small Gang PVP Fleets*
* *Low Tax*
* *0 Politics & 0 Stress Corp*
* *Krabbing & Mining Fleets*
* *Dread Ratting C5*
* *All TZ acceptable but right now, mostly EU, US*
* We are always open to people's personal goals in eve (If it doesn't hurt the Corp). You pay money for a computer game, we will not tell you how to play the game.

The PI in the WH is alright and will easily allow players to eventually plex themselves once they have the skills and planets set up.

We kill everything, while also not being too much of a dick about it. We normally will compensate new bro kills, but that’s up to you. More often than not, that’s how we get our best members.

So if you have read all the above and want to hang with some chill players while exploring Wormholes Space then please join the “Bilderberg Board Room” channel in-game for more details. Equally, you can convo Kubla Kain or hit me up with an email.

Feel free to join our Discord channel:


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