[C5][UStz][Mixed Content] Eisenwald is recruiting! - Wormhole Corp

Eisenwald lives and operates in wormhole space. We do everything a wormhole offers from krabbing, PvP, gas huffing, PI, and anything else you can get up to in w-space. We are looking for people who don’t take EVE too serious and just enjoy having fun. We love new players or those wanting to learn to live in wormholes.

Eisenwald Offers:

  • Corp SRP Fund for sanctioned events
  • C5 with C5s
  • Small-Gang PvP
  • Group/Solo C3 Site Running
  • Gas Huffing and Ice Mining
  • Training in “How to Live in Wormholes”
  • Very newbro friendly if you wish to live in the Wormhole
  • Planetary Interaction

Alliance Offers:

  • Alliance Buyback Program (90% Jita Buy)
  • C4 with C5s & C3s
  • Weekly Null-Sec Roams & New-Bro friendly drunk roams
  • Joint Operations with other friendly WH Alliance(s) that we shoot outside of Joint Ops
  • Hi-Sec Mining and Industrial Operation HQ with Orca Boosts (North Lonetrek)
  • Lively Voice Comms

We are primarily a UStz Corporation with a growing EUtz and AUtz member base. Our Alliance is UStz/EUtz mix. We are part of the Sugar. wormhole alliance.

Join the in-game channel “S3N Pub” to talk to a recruiter today! You can also EVEmail “Alan Headstring” or “RubberDuckey” in-game.

We are still looking for new friends to come fly through the blackness of wormhole space with us.

Still looking for a few good pilots!

Come fly with us!

Sail away with us!

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Still Looking for pilots

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