Einstein-Rosen Brigade seeks pilots and corps for C4 WH life!

Enjoy the Danger and Unfettered Freedom of W-Space!

We are a friendly group of players who have been together for nearly 2 years, learning about wormhole life as we go. We live in a no effect C4/C4 + C3.

Our C4 provides lucrative farming opportunities, and great PI. Our statics allow for farming (both of the Sleeper and pew pew varieties), and logistical needs.

Indybro? We Have What You Need!
Structures, field support, and more. If you make stuff, and want to live in spoopy space, come have a chat with us!

We Welcome Corps!
If you’re a small (10-20) member corp looking to move beyond C1/C2 life, or ready to make your first dive into wormhole space, we’re eager to help!

PvP: Small Gangs That Go BOOM In the Night:
We want people to WANT to shoot other people in the face! We know that PvP can be pretty daunting for newbros (and oldbros!), so we structure our pew pew activities to be low stress, and high fun.

We like to fly with a variety of NPSI groups, including Spectre Fleet (IEG CEO Emma is a Spectre FC, and leads a popular T1 frig fleet every other Sunday!), Bombers Bar, Redemption Road, etc.

We encourage all members to try their hand at FCing, and attend training classes when available.

PvE: Exploration, Industry, Mining:
Sleepers are good eatin’! We honestly don’t care if you want to carebear all day in the wormhole – there’s serious ISK to be made in J-space: combat anomalies, relic and data sites (nullsec pirate and Sleeper), and gas.

Alliance structures provide support for a variety of industrial activities.

What We’re Looking For

  • Friendly, easy going pilots who want to build a home in w-space

  • Independent, self-sufficient pilots: there are no planned or scheduled activities, you must be able to make your own fun at least 60% of the time.

  • Willingness to pitch in – wormhole life does require a lot of cooperative scanning, so we all work together to scan the chain, haul stuff to high sec, etc.

  • Active in their timezone 3-4 days/week – we want to get to know you, and love you, and gaze at you adoringly, even if just for an hour a day!

  • Able to use comms, even if just to listen

  • Willing to share their knowledge and help alliance mates – all members are encouraged to teach one another, lead events, and create content.

What We Offer

  • Loot, Salvage, & Gas buyback at 80% of Jita Sell

  • Active in NA and EUTZ; eager for more AUTZ members!

  • Discord comms (voice/text communication)

  • Goofy, laid back, helpful environment

  • Encouraging members to play EVE in a way that makes them happy

How to Apply

  • Come chat with us in-game in the ‘ERB Recruitment’ channel

  • Come chat with us on comms

  • Fill out our online application

Bump! Still recruiting!

My corp has been a part of this alliance for a little bit over a year now. This alliance is very well run by far. I have seen some that are extremely political and have rules longer than the constitutions of most countries. In ERB however most everyone is willing to jump in and help you out. This is a great place to experience wormhole life and everything it has to offer.


Easy-going C4 group can help you learn to survive, and thrive, in wormhole space!

Come have a chat with us in-game, ‘ERB Friends & Assoc’


Still recruiting!


ERB is still recruiting, both individual pilots, and small-ish corps who are ready to take the next step in New Eden.

Bump! Still recruiting! Come to w-space and be spoopy!



Still recruiting and VERY interested in chatting with industrialists who want to leave high sec or null sec, and get away from wardecs and CTAs.



Still looking for pilots, and corporations to join us in spoopy space!

I have applied and submitted key, will get on discord tomorrow.

ERB is looking for dedicated, patient FCs, who have experience training and leading PvP newbies.

We’re looking for pilots who can motivate through positive reinforcement. You’ll be creating doctrines, leading fleets, and training the next generation of ERB FCs.


Recruiting is active!

Seeking FCs, and other all around groovy pilots and corporations!

I’d like to say that these people are pretty cool and help house and provide for wandering Signal Cartel members that stumble across their hole. They are active over most time zones and are always hunting for the next kill.

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