[C5WH EUTZ] Anshar Incorporated


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Anshar Incorporated is a PERFECTLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE MILITARY ORGANISATION seeking fresh faces for shenanigans in C5 space.

What we offer:

Small and medium gang PvP in C5 space, with increasingly regular J and K-space operations - And a distinct lack of blues to that end.
Regular C5 bearing opportunities for those inclined.
A core of experienced pilots that are able to provide guidance in just about anything you might want to do in space, and access to a fantastic community of nerds within the MITG alliance and beyond as part of a wider gaming community.

We’d like prospective members to:

Be covert ops and probing capable. Bare necessities and all that.
Have a decent set of core skills besides that. The fitting basics (Ideally up to Advanced Weapon Upgrades 4) would be ideal. We don’t have a hard SP minimum, so we’ll take each applicant at face value.
Be able to take - And offer! - Constructive criticism. As an entity we grow and learn from every mistake, and this is a culture we’d like to maintain.
Generally be a chill person to relax and play videogames with.

Application Forum

Ingame channel: ANSH Mainframe
Evemail contact: Richard Holms

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a Zanzi approved enterprise

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