Calculating PI Decay

Does anyone know how you calculate the “decay” for PI cycles? the neocom iOS app does this quite nicely, and there’s a curve to the values:
what i currently have looks like this:

it is depicting remaining extraction / cycle vs. the neocom one which depicts extraction amount / hr

each 30 min cycle i do totalExtraction - (qty_per_cycle * cycleNumber) to get the value. Each purple bar represents a 30 min cycle.
as i understand it, the earlier cycles in an extraction schedule pull more. I’m not sure how I would calculate extraction rate / hr based on what comes back from ESI.

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Try fitting it as an exponentially decaying line and not a linear decay.

As you noticed, there is a curve to the values: you’re not pulling a constant amount, but a decreasing amount that goes down as the total amount of resources available deminishes.

Or the easy way: just set up your planets and keep track of the amount you’re pulling. Or use the linear decaying line and keep in mind it may give answers that are too high for short periods and too low for higher periods. :wink:

Also bear in mind that this is an estimate based on current conditions. You may be competing with other players for that resource.

if it was exponential, the ratio from “start” to the white line, which is circa 0.5, would be the same that the ratio from white line to end, which is actually 2/3

hmm have you tried putting the local exceptions back in the average value ? without numbers it’s hard to make the curve.

I’m totally ok with an “ish” number vs. a hard calc. I’m just at a loss as to how to calculate the hourly extraction amount which decays over time. I realized after posting that my chart was not showing the same data.

looking at your image,
vertical bar number : size of the column in pixels
0 : 104
1 : 88
2 : noise
3 : noise
4 : 60
5 : 54
6 : noise
7 : noise
8 : noise
9 : 40

regression in the form of f(x) = f(0)/(1+bx) is almost perfect with b=0.18
so if each bar is 2 hours long, that means

extraction(h) =extraction(0)/(1+0.09h)

however it does not consider the noises.


awesome, thanks!

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